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Got A Travel Insurance? Do You Know How To Claim?

July 11, 2016

Some very recent incidents of man-made disasters such as terror attack in Paris and Brussels have reaffirmed the fact that travel insurance is a sheer necessity and not luxury by any stretch of the imagination. Gone are the days when travel insurance in India was perceived as a waste of money as most travelers had smooth journeys and found nothing to make a claim to make up for the premium they had paid. But the scenario is quite different now as insured people have now more than reason to register online travel insurance claims.

Terror Attacks Trigger Travel Insurance Claim in India

A regular online travel insurance in India provides coverage for unforeseen events like flight delay, flight cancellation, trip curtailment and trip cancellation due to terror attack. In the aftermath of Brussels and Paris terror attack, many airlines canceled their flights and and the rest have had their fleet of lights delayed. This triggered a rush among travelers to make claims  for flight delays and flight cancellation. Being aware of the flood of travel insurance claims, all the major insurers in India have also taken necessary steps to explain their customers the grounds on which they can lodge claims successfully.

Grounds to Make Travel Insurance Claim

As mentioned earlier, it is crucial to know the grounds on which you can make claims successfully. Here are some pre-defined grounds on which your claims are payable.

  • Trip curtailment and trip cancellation claims can be made if the flight to the destination city is canceled.
  • Flight cancellation claims can be made if your return flight to India from destination is suspended
  • Trip interruptions claims can be made if the flight delay and cancellation affect the whole trip and have it rescheduled
  • Claims can be made for costlier alternative flight tickets and also for additional expense for accommodation due to flight cancellation and delay.

How to Make a Successful Claim?

Online travel insurance in India usually facilitate policyholders with cashless claims only in case of emergency hospitalization. The rest of the claims are honored on reimbursement basis. Hence, all policyholders should ensure that all the relevant bills of expenditure are collected and kept at one place so that they can submit them for reimbursement once they come back to India.

Suppose, you had to spend an extra day in Paris as your flight got delayed by 12 hours, you will have to produce the hotel bill for that extra day to have your claim reimbursed successfully.

What to do to Avoid Claim Rejection?

In order to avoid travel insurance claim, travelers need to go though the exclusions part of the policy minutely. The fine prints associated with various types of coverage are crucial and one needs to understand them well. If some aspects are not covered as per the policy terms, travelers’ claim for insurance will be denied. For example, a few insurer exclude terror attack from the coverage so if the insured make claims for additional expenses due to terror attack, the claim would be rejected anyway.

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