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Guide on Using Movavi Screen Capture Studio To Record Your Desktop

October 17, 2016

Movavi Screen Capture Studio allows you to capture a video with just your desktop screen. You don’t need a webcam or video camera to capture a video when you use Movavi Screen Capture Studio. Recording your desktop screen is a great way to create a video tutorial on the things you are good at. You can also give a walk through of your software and show your customers how the features work by using a screen recorder. If you regularly make video tutorials to upload on YouTube, a screen recorder software is definitely an essential tool that you must have.

Movavi desktop video recorder is able to record anything on the screen no matter if you are monitoring the screen recording session or away from your desktop. It can swiftly save the video you have captured in popular formats like AVI, SWF,MP4, MOV. There is no need to find another software to convert your video to become viewable on a mobile device because it supports a long list of mobile presets. It allows you to take screenshots during the recording session without any lag. It can capture every action that you make in any open Windows applications on the desktop.

The rectangle window that appears on the desktop can be moved or resized. You can record a selective part of the screen if you are not comfortable of your viewers seeing other areas on the screen. It is also possible to carry out the screen recording in full screen. All the features in Movavi Screen Capture Studio work exactly like it says on its site. It does not infect your computer with virus or display ads unlike other free screen recording software that you found online. It provides a microphone feature to allow you to record your own voice. You can edit your own audio recording if you make mistakes and say something wrong during the screen recording. You can also dub a voice recording that you have already recorded into the timeline in Movavi Screen Capture Studio.

Movavi Screen Capture Studio is useful for recording all kinds of videos including games, golf course, football game, flash games, online video streaming and educational videos. You can use it to record videos on any of your favorite video streaming site like YouTube, news videos on CNN, Vimeo and UStream. You can use Movavi desktop screen recorder to create videos that answer your customers’ most frequently asked questions. It can be used to record information based video for a product. It is also useful for recording videos that provide tips and tricks.

Movavi Screen Capture Studio is compatible with all kinds of web browsers including Chrome, and Internet Explorer. The performance of the screen recording is optimized by using a powerful encoder so that it is able to record the screen in high speed without any lag. Movavi Screen Capture Studio supports a number of interface languages. You can adjust the interface language by going to Preferences. You can determine which folder where you want the recorded screen video to be saved.

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