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Guide To Halcyon Days Decorative Ornaments

March 28, 2016

Halcyon Days specializes in offering a large collection of handcrafted enamel ornaments with classical designs. It was first founded as an antique shop in 1950 in Avery Row, Mayfair but it relocated to its new location in Brook Street, in Mayfair in 1969. Halcyon Days’ products are best selling in USA, United Kingdom and Japan. Halcyon Days offer several types of collectibles including hinged bangles, hand painted bangles, fine bone mugs and enamel boxes.

Halcyon Days hinged bangle features a closure that is made from a 6mm – 13mm hinged base. The interior of the hinged bangle is plated with either gold or silver and there are some designs on the exterior. There are a variety of designs to choose from in the hinged bangle including gold criss-cross pattern, curb chain, honeycomb, wildlife, Byzantine, rose and mosaic. Halcyon Days hinged bangles can be used as the perfect accessory for various types of special occasions.

Halcyon Days hand painted enamel cuff bangle features a beautiful art that is hand painted by a professional artist. The width of the hand painted bangles range from 1 cm to 4 cm. Cuff bangles with thicker widths are finished with 24ct gold but the rim is decorated with 18ct gold plating. Thinner cuff bangles are finished entirely with 18ct gold. The hand painted cuff bangles feature a variety of designs such as frog, crab, bunny, union flag, gold anchor, and shell.

Many Halcyon Days fine bone mugs are designed to be used as a souvenir for tourists that are visiting England. These souvenir mugs feature designs such as Gordon Castle, Queen Elizabeth, London landmarks, London telephone booth, tall hat guards, and etc. The fine bone mugs also feature other types of designs such as animal, quotes, Shakespeare and whimsical.

Halcyon Days enamel boxes are simply an artistic gift handcrafted by famous artisans from around the world. Every enamel box feature an exquisite message that can be used to for expressing your wishes to loved ones during special occasions for example birthday, wedding and anniversary. The rim of the enamel Halcyon boxes are mounted with gold. Besides special occasions, you will find hand decorated enamel boxes designed to be used as gifts for mother, family members, christening, nurseries and faith.

Besides, you will also find boxes that features hand painted reproductions various kinds of works of art from a number of London art galleries. The artwork on the box is painted in watercolor and mounted on gold. Most of the artworks are used to commemorate an anniversary and you will find boxes with artworks on various historical events and figures such as Winston Churchill, and Battle of Britain. All the boxes in the work of arts category is made to order so you have to allow a few weeks for them to deliver.

In conclusion, Halcyon Days offer enamel keepsake that are made with high craftsmanship that you won’t find anywhere. You should consider shopping at Halcyon Days if you are looking for a unique gift for your friend.

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