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Half the Battle: Why Knowing Industry Regulations Is Huge for Small Businesses

April 10, 2019

Many industries are regulated by various industries or otherwise must comply with specific laws. Manufacturing businesses, for example, may have strict workplace safety requirements as well as environmental standards that must be met at all times. Even small businesses focused on various niche industries must comply with numerous regulations. Complying with stringent regulations may seem tedious for small business owners, but it is essential for several reasons. Understanding the regulations is the first step toward compliance. These are some of the reasons why you need to know and comply with regulations in your industry.

Stay out of Legal Trouble

If you violate some industry-specific regulations, you may be breaking the law. Penalties for some violations may include imprisonment. For example, doctors must remain licensed and insured in order to do business in any state. Understanding the current rules and monitoring changing requirements can be difficult while you are focused on treating your patients and running a small practice. Using an HCP license lookup service and other available services specific to the industry can be helpful.

Protect Employees and Customers

Regulations also govern workplace safety, product safety, and other areas. For example, requirements outlining the specific type of safety gear that your employees must have access to and must use regularly may be in place. The use of specific elements or supplies in products may be limited for employee and customer safety. For example, asbestos was used heavily many years ago in numerous products, but it is no longer permitted. Another less severe example could be a hospital that fails to employ a healthcare license update solution and can’t produce medical license information when it is needed by a governing agency. The costs of liability lawsuits or settlements as well as the bad press can be difficult for a small business to overcome and can be avoided in many cases by understanding and complying with regulations.

Avoid Fines

Your small business likely operates on a tight budget. Every dime that you earn may be allocated for growth prospects, operational overhead or a much-needed owner profit. Without knowing industry regulations, you may face numerous fines. For example, illegal dumping of some types of waste may result in a huge fine. Fines may impact your profit margin and growth plans. In some cases, these fines may even drive you out of business.

Before starting a small business, you should carefully research all relevant requirements and develop a plan for active compliance. You also need to regularly monitor regulatory agencies and changes to laws impacting your business. Not understanding the regulations is not usually an acceptable defense, so you must know the regulations at all times so that you can properly run a successful, profitable business.

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