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Health and fitness for busy mums

July 10, 2015

So you’re juggling a demanding job and with your husband or partners, several children of different ages and a household. Throw in a few pets, homework, friends, demanding parents and you have no time left to breathe let alone exercise. But you need the energy to be able to sustain this busy life and you know exercising and eating well will help so how on earth do you squeeze in your fitness regime with a 24/7 job? Eating well at least 80% of the time will help you maintain a healthy body weight and by adding in a little exercise you will start to feel and see a difference.

By ditching the ready meals and fast food you will not only make significant changes to your general health and well-being, by eating homemade, nutritionally dense foods, you will start to look a feel better too. You will find renewed energy levels that will help support your new exercise regime. It does take a little effort, some planning in advance and perhaps some time cooking and freezing batches of food but you will save time by getting organised in advance.

To get fit you need to see your new regime as part of your lifestyle rather than a new programme to get toned for summer or just to lose a few pounds. This means if you only have a little time to workout you will not find yourself stressing that you didn’t fit in your normal hour in the gym or at home. Starting with the right attitude is essential to ensure your ongoing success. You are making a lifetime commitment to getting healthier and fitter than you have ever been. Accepting that things will occasionally get in the way of your workout will certainly help you maintain your long term goals and support your motivation.

Having a reason why you want to start this new way of life will also help you keep motivated. Whether it’s to live longer for your children or to improve your health, to feel good about yourself and look your best, keeping the reason at the forefront of your mind when your motivation slips will help you carry on. What is likely to happen though is that you will start to feel and look so good you will realise that this is the way you want to live your life. Think of what a positive role model you will become for your children? They will grow up with the knowledge of how to live a health life and the benefits they will feel as a result.

When it comes to exercise, choosing an activity that you actually enjoy will ensure you keep doing it! If you are not sure what is right for you then go and try an exercise class or yoga class or why not try a taster day at a gym to see if you like it. The more suited you are to your chosen exercise the more effort you will put in. Perhaps you feel you need motivation and inspiration that’s where the role of a personal trainer comes in. If you Google ‘personal trainer St Albans’ you will find a list of local providers that you can investigate further. You will need to feel comfortable with the person you choose so make sure you meet up with a few to choose the right one for you.

Fitting exercise into a busy lifestyle is no doubt hard but the more you do, the more you will want to do as the benefits will be apparent. As with your dietary changes, it involves a bit of planning and prioritising but as this is about becoming fit and healthy for life then the housework might just have to wait!

Author Bio:-Becky is a mum to 3 beautiful children under 6 years old.  In the little spare time she has she writes for The DVCC, covering all areas of health and fitness.



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