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Hit The Ground Running: 5 Ways You Can Build Up Your New Company’s Workforce Fast

June 12, 2021

For any organization or company to work smoothly and efficiently, it is essential to have a skilled workforce to handle the work. However, when you’re just starting out or when your business starts rapidly growing, you’re going to need to do a lot of hiring fast. Here are five ways through which you can build up a new company’s workforce faster.

Implement a Recruitment Process

A well-planned and strategic recruitment process will help you build your company’s workforce quickly. Maintaining a good recruitment team with interviewers, job advertisers, and application reviews will help get candidates on board and will enhance and accelerate your hiring process. When you’ve the right recruitment strategy and you’ve started hiring, the rest of the company will notice more positive progress.

Use a Checklist During the Hiring Process

Using a checklist during the hiring process will help speed up the hiring process. Each position that you are hiring for should have a list of required skills and responsibilities. Referring to that checklist throughout the process, from assessing applications to interviews, will help you find the right people for each position. 

When you’re looking at candidates for specific positions, weed out those who don’t list the skills and traits on your checklist in their applications. You can use a keyword search to look for resumes that list examples or certifications of the skills you’re looking for. This can help you move through this part of the process quickly. During interviews, ask for examples of times the candidates have used those skills in previous jobs or in other capacities.

Utilize Temp Agencies

When you need to fill a lot of positions fast, it may be a good idea to use temporary employees in the short term until you can find permanent employees with the specific skills you’re looking for. Temp agencies can send you employees who have the skills necessary to fill the role for now. In some cases, you may even find temp employees who are so well suited for the role they’re filling in for that you want to hire them full-time.

Temp agencies reduce a lot of the work for HR. Because these agencies already have these employees ready and know what skills they have and which tasks they are suited for, you don’t need to worry about doing interviews or skill assessments. 

Hiring employees quickly for a growing business can be a struggle, but with a good recruitment strategy and a checklist of each position’s requirements, you can speed up the process considerably. Until you do have your team hired though, consider utilizing temp employees to get the necessary work done on time.

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