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Home Removals – Top Tips For Perfect Packing

October 5, 2015

Now more than ever, those looking to go about a domestic relocation are turning to the professionals more instinctively than ever before. Over recent years, it’s become glaringly apparent to most that to work with the very best removal company Leicester has to offer simply makes massively more sense and can indeed prove considerably more cost-effective than going it alone.

Nevertheless, there will always be a certain important role to be played by those making the move as it is unlikely for fairly obvious reasons that the team of professionals taken on will handle literally every single job from start to finish.  And when it comes to the kinds of jobs the property owners themselves take care of, perhaps the single most important and intensive is that of packing. The professionals can be brought in to help with packing, but it’s uncommon for relocation professionals to be brought in to help pack literally every single item across the home from top to bottom.

So in the interests of facilitating the fastest, easiest and most enjoyable move possible, here is a quick look at just a few tips from the professionals on how to go about the packing process:

1 – Lighten the Load

First and foremost, be sure to speak to the removals team you intend to hire for the transportation of your property to the new location as this will to a large extent influence how you need to go about the packing process.  The reason being that if they are perfectly capable of handling the biggest and bulkiest items imaginable, there’s a good chance you may not in fact need to disassemble and pack some of the most awkward bits and pieces from around the home. As such, to speak to them for a little advice ahead of time is to potentially lighten the load and make your job quite a deal easier.

2 – Plan Ahead

Before you actually go ahead with any physical packing whatsoever, be sure to sit down with the family and come up with a comprehensive packing plan.  Admittedly, it sounds rather boring and indeed in most instances it will be, but at the same time you will find the packing and moving processes so much easier if you plan ahead and know exactly what you need to do next. By contrast, simply diving into things at the deep end more often than not tends to be a recipe for unnecessary complications, delays and tantrums.

3 – De-clutter as You Go

Moving home may be the mother of all upheavals, but it can also be quite simply the very best opportunity you will ever have to comprehensively de-clutter your home. The very nature of moving is such that you will have to come across every single item you own and in doing so can evaluate all those bits and pieces of random detritus that have been cluttering up your home for the past decade or so. It is technically an easy process – before packing any specific item, look at it closely and decide whether or not you can live without it. And if you can, now’s the time to get rid of it.

4 – Use Quality Materials

When it comes to anything fragile or indeed of any real value to you, you might want to think carefully about investing in quality packing materials instead of just using what you have lying around the home. Chances are the majority of your stuff will be fine packed in those old cardboard boxes and bags, but if there’s anything you’d rather not be damaged or destroyed completely, it’s worth paying a little extra for better packing materials.

5 – Dangerous Items

A quick point, but an important point nonetheless, take extreme care when it comes to packing anything from around the home, which you would in any way consider to be dangerous. From household cleaning products to anything with a sharp blade to outdoor machinery loaded with petrol and so on and so forth, there are special steps to be taken when it comes to packing and transporting dangerous goods which should be followed at all times – speak to your trusted removals partner for advice.

6 – Label Efficiently

Last but not least, you may think you’ve got far better things to be doing with your time right now than creating a detailed inventory of everything you have packed and a system by which every packed item is locked, but you will be extraordinarily glad you did it in the end. There’s really nothing that can sour the exciting moving in process quite like not being able to find exactly what it is you need at exactly the time it is you need it – something that tends to happen to pretty much every single person at a rather critical juncture.

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