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Home Renovation Tips That Can Help Keep Your Landscaping Intact During The Work

December 21, 2020

There are a lot of things that you need to think about when preparing your home to be renovated. This includes your landscaping. Foliage can easily get damaged by equipment, building materials, or workers walking over them. Fortunately, there are some things that you can do to keep your landscaping intact during a home renovation.

Trim Back Foliage

Large or bushy foliage can become an obstacle for those that are trying to get in and out of your home during a renovation. If your foliage is overgrown, now is a great time to trim it back. This will keep it from getting damage, and it may make your foliage healthier.

Only Have Residential Drilling Done By a Professional

It’s imperative that you use a professional to do your residential drilling. They will make sure that things are done the right way so that your foliage isn’t damaged. They will use their vast amount of experience to minimize the amount of drilling they need to do so that they won’t disrupt your landscaping. For example, depending on the kind of work you’re having done, they may be able to use directional drilling, which requires only two small holes.

Cover What You Can

You may be able to keep some of your landscaping intact by covering it with a tarp. Flowers and small bushes will benefit the most from a covering as they can easily get damaged by debris or by being walked on.

Transplant Delicate Items

Some of your more delicate foliage may need to be moved during your home renovation. Transplant these items to a place in your yard or garage where they will be out of the way, and there’s minimal chance of others coming into contact with them.

Put Down a Plywood Path

You can encourage those working on your house to stay away from your foliage by putting down a path made of plywood. Let them know this is where you’d like them to walk back and forth if at all possible. Explain to them that you would prefer them to walk on this path so that they don’t damage your landscaping. You will probably find that most people are more than willing to do what they can in order to try to avoid damaging your foliage.

A home renovation can bring new life to your home. However, you may need to do some things in order to keep your foliage from getting damaged in the process. By utilizing all of the tips mentioned above, you can keep your landscaping intact throughout your entire home renovation.

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