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Home vs. Commercial Wood Fire Pizza Ovens For Your Restaurant

November 10, 2021

If there is one thing almost everyone can agree on, it’s that there is nothing much better in this world than a great-tasting pizza. If you are part of this club, you have probably been looking around at various pizza ovens for your restaurant. However, you’re probably wondering if a home pizza oven will have your pizza tasting as good as that which is cooked in a commercial wood fire pizza oven. To help clear up any questions you may have, here are some similarities and differences between the two.

Ease of Use

As for ease of use, a home pizza oven that is gas-powered is a great option. Powered by natural gas or propane, this oven simply requires that you turn it on. Offering fast preheating, your pizza can probably get done a bit quicker than it would if cooked in a wood fire oven. For example, some of the ovens from Wood Fired Pizza Oven Worldwide WPPOLLC require less time and steps to get started for cooking pizzas.

Additional Flavor

Should you be someone who loves biting into a slice of pizza and savoring many different flavors at once, a commercial wood fire pizza oven cannot be beaten. Since the smoke in the wood can become infused in the pizza itself, the variety of flavors you’ll get from each bite will have your mouth drooling in no time.

Using the Right Woods

To get the particular flavors within a pizza, commercial wood fire pizza ovens need to use only certain types of wood when cooking. Most pizza chefs recommend using only hardwoods such as cherry, maple, apple, or oak to get the best flavor and cooking temperatures. Also, a commercial wood fire pizza oven will provide a slightly hotter cooking environment for the pizza, which does help to lock in the flavors.

Convenience or Tradition?

Last but not least, the biggest difference between home and commercial wood fire pizza ovens often boils down to whether you value convenience or tradition more when cooking your pizza. If pizza is a secondary menu item or if you don’t sell very many pizzas, a home pizza oven will give you the convenience you need. However, if you value the tradition of cooking a pizza in a manner that is Old-World style and lets you experiment with different woods and flavors, a commercial wood fire pizza oven provides the ultimate cooking experience.

While each of these ovens has its advantages and disadvantages, one thing you know for sure is that the pizza that emerges from either one will be one that captivates your taste buds in ways you never thought possible.

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