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How A Pet Could Bring You And Your SO Closer Together

November 17, 2015

Maintaining a close relationship with your significant other can seem increasingly challenging as time goes on. Work conflicts, stress and differing points of view can all interfere with your relationship. Yet, many people are discovering that having a pet can bring two people closer together while adding more enjoyment to their lives. If you have been considering getting a pet with your partner, then here are just a few of the benefits it can have for your relationship.

Distraction from Petty Conflicts

Whether you are bickering over where to eat for dinner or having a minor spat about who does the cleaning, minor disagreements are normal in every relationship. However, couples that have a pet are more likely to quickly make up and let go of any animosity when they have a bouncing bundle of fur between them. Couples with pets tend to laugh more and generally fight less than those who live in pet-free households.

Opportunities to Engage in New Activities

Shared experiences are an important component for bringing couples closer, and your pet will inspire you both to explore new activities. From scouting out a new dog park to finding the perfect walking path for an evening stroll, you and your partner can fill your time with fun, healthy activities that will strengthen your bond.

Shared Achievements

Just as couples with children get excited when their baby reaches a new milestone, you and your significant other can celebrate your pet’s achievements. Be silly, and make a pet-friendly cake on their birthday, or buy special treats when your pet learns a new trick. Post your pet’s picture and new skill on social media. However you decide to celebrate, doing so will enhance your romantic relationship as well.

Reduced Stress

There is nothing quite like having a favorite furry friend to curl up with at the end of a stressful day. Petting dogs and cats has been associated with lowered stress hormones and blood pressure. When you and your partner are able to reduce your stress levels, you will be in the right frame of mind to create a harmonious relationship.

Improved Overall Health

Taking your pet for a walk, laughing at their silly antics and choosing healthy foods that you can share can all enhance both you and your SO’s overall health. Generally, the healthier you are, then the more capable you will be of enjoying your relationship. To really take advantage of this, make a nightly walk a part of your every day routine where you can catch up on your loved one’s day.

Reminder of Unconditional Love

Whether they are wagging their tail at the door when you get home late from work or they lick your hand after getting a treat, pets give affection without keeping score. You and your partner can take a cue from this joyful attitude and approach each other from a more forgiving standpoint. The unconditional love your pet gives can serve as a powerful example for how to deepen your relationship.

Bonding as a couple doesn’t always have to be done in twos. Instead, consider bringing a pet into your relationship to maximize the opportunities for bonding. From snuggles on the couch to deep conversations as you take your pet for a walk, you and your partner can draw closer together with the help of a furry friend.

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