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How Can Business Leaders Improve Their Relationships With Others?

July 27, 2017

Not everyone is born a leader. This is certainly true for the world of business. However, just because you currently lack strong leadership skills does not mean you won’t be able to develop them in the future. One of the most important of those skills is the ability to forge strong relationships with partners, employees, clients and other individuals important to the company’s success. With that in mind, here is some advice a business leader can use to improve his or her relationships with others.

Focus on Positivity

In the human brain, relationships with other human beings are often interpreted emotionally. You need to be aware that the emotions you demonstrate to others may help to color those relationships with those individuals in their own minds. If you display a lot of frustration or anger in the workplace, it’s quite likely employees may begin to think of you negatively. They may fear you or dread to be around you. That’s not something you want. While not everything may go your way during any given workday, you need to make sure to address those issues in a way in which you do not display negative emotions to others. Instead, try to stay positive. Positivity is much more conductive to completing work, and it can spread to others you come into contact with as well.

Use Muscle Testing

However, despite your best efforts, stress and frustration can still get to you. Muscle testing, also known as energy healing, can be a great way to release those frustrations. Holding all this negativity inside while putting on a smile can be detrimental to both your mental and physical health. Instead, you need some form of release. One thing you may be unaware of is the connection between the human body and the subconscious mind. This connection extends to the muscles. One way to release your negative emotions is through the use of something called applied kinesiology also known as muscle testing. A series of simple question and answer tests are performed that produce reactions from the muscles. This can allow you to discover what frustrations and negative emotions exist trapped within your subconscious mind. This can help a person release those negative emotions by bringing them to their conscious attention.

Build Trust

At the core of every strong relationship is trust. This is certainly true for business relationships as well. If people like investors, clients, suppliers and employees don’t trust you, it can have a disastrous effect on the performance of the entire company. However, trust doesn’t come naturally in most cases. Instead, it must be built over time. Try to exhibit behaviors that can help to build trust in your business relationships. This means being honest to others. Resorting to hyperbole is not a wise idea when money is at stake. It also means following through on your promises. Being a strong leader means creating followers. No one will follow you if they don’t trust you.

Focus on Collaboration

Relationships are also about collaboration. You cannot be an island unto yourself as a business leader. Instead, you must work with others within and outside your company as a team. Being a team player means being open to the input and ideas of others. Even if you do not agree or integrate that feedback into your decision making, you should be open to hearing it. If you want to build strong business relationships, you need to be a listener. When those ideas or feedback are in agreement with your goals and vision for the company, the collaboration can be greatly beneficial to your bottom line.

Business relationships, like any kind of relationship, require constant attention to keep them healthy. Make sure you put in the effort to create healthy and productive relationships with business partners, investors, employees, customers, suppliers and others. These relationships can become a serious asset to your company if you do so.

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