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How Can Businesses Save Money On Facility Maintenance Essentials?

September 28, 2017

One of the larger expenses that a business can have is in facility maintenance. Though it can be tempting to cut corners, this is not the place to do it. A breakdown due to lack of maintenance can cost a lot more than a simple maintenance contract. There are however, other ways to save money while maintaining the facilities and equipment for optimum usage.

Keep up with Equipment Maintenance

Keeping the equipment in good running order is vital to good business operations. Following the recommended maintenance plan can prevent or limit breakdowns. It also can prevent accidents and injury due to faulty equipment. Lack of adequate maintenance can also lead to a short life for specific parts of equipment. Not only does the service check parts, it can also involve lubricating or turning the parts to extend their usage. Extending the use of something is the key to success.  It saves money, time, and effort. No one wants to backtrack, so get it right the first time you do it.

Change the Lighting

Something as simple as changing the type of light bulbs used throughout the facility can save a great deal of money. Some companies, such as LED Lighting Wholesale Inc., know that by replacing bulbs with energy-efficient LED lighting, costs associated with buying and replacing bulbs will decrease. An LED bulb can last 25 times longer than an incandescent bulb and have an energy cost that is 75% less. You could always conduct a study with a certain type of economically-sound bulb to see if you can save more money over a week or a month by using it.  Saving every bit of money when running a business is incredibly important.

Package and Bid the Services

There are a variety of services needed for facilities maintenance. Working with one company that had to compete for the business is often a way to save money. A company that knows the building and works in it regularly may be more likely to provide a discounted rate. Bundling services generally leads to lower costs. Additionally, utilizing a bid process to select the company to provide the facility maintenance will almost always lead to a lower cost. This would be the best way to go about doing something like this.  There’s always time to do these sort of money-saving things when running a business.

Change the Filters

Similar to the simplicity of changing the filters in home HVAC units, changing filters in commercial units is also important. Done monthly, this step can decrease energy expenses and extend the life of the equipment. This is applicable to all ventilations systems throughout the facility. If possible, include this as part of the regular cleaning schedule so that filters are either cleaned or changed regularly.

As businesses continue to look for ways to cut expenses on facility maintenance, remembering simple, but important steps can lead to savings. Implementing one or more of these steps allow the company to keep the quality while making cuts in appropriate areas.

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