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How Can You Get Torticollis?

November 18, 2015

In the physiotherapy world you can encounter a multitude of conditions, especially in the case of those persons that want to perform a lot of physical activity without having the proper preparation. Torticollis is definitely one of those conditions that can be found often by physiotherapists, and it’s mainly concerning the tilted and twisted neck. Usually, the neck is tilted to one side and the chin is tilted towards the other. Many know Torticollis as being named wry neck.

Torticollis can be acquired either in a genetic manner, as it might be transferred via genes to the child, but it can also be caused by intensive damage to the blood supply or the muscles. Even if it might go away on its own, this condition can relapse so treating it properly with the help of a Cambridge physiotherapist will come in handy.

Types of Torticollis

Temporary Torticollis can be caused by a cold, an injury to the neck area, but also an ear infection of swollen lymph nodes. On the other hand, Fixed Torticollis is permanent and it’s mostly related to a variety of bone structure problems. You can also encounter Muscular Torticollis which isusually caused by the tight musclesand it’s one of the most common forms that can be encountered out there.


Unfortunately, there are no ways that can be used in order to prevent Torticollis from happening, but the good news here is that you can indeed keep it from becoming much worse, which is very important for sure.

The congenital forms of wry neck can be addressed with the simple action of stretching the neck muscle and if done properly this treatment can be very successful.On the other hand, surgery can also be an option and in some cases it might be the only solution that can correct the problem, depending on the situation.

You can try to opt for medications if you want to treat Torticollis, and these include muscle relaxants, as well as pain medications and botulinumtoxin whichis very helpful.

Treatments we can offer

A Cambridge physical therapistcan help you deal with Torticollis in an efficient manner, because he will use the latest massage techniques in order to unwind and remove the pressure from the neck in a reliable manner. This means that the results will be a lot better and the patient will feel a lot better.

Included in our treatments you can also find traction as well as stretching exercises that are designed in order to prevent muscle tear and any other similar issues that might appear, issues that can bring in front some very bad results at the end of the day.

In conclusion, while Torticollis can be very demanding and troublesome for the human body, a Cambridge physiotherapy session will bring you the best results that you can achieve. It’s oneof the best choices that you can make if you suffer from this condition, and you will definitely appreciate the outcome!For more information visit Physio Cambridge

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