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How Can You Increase The Longevity and Efficiency Of Your Tumble Dryer?

February 18, 2016

When purchasing any new appliance it is normal to consider not only the initial cost but also that of running it over a period of time. Compared to other household appliances the tumble dryer is often viewed as a luxury rather than an essential item and often compares unfavourably in terms of efficiency and running costs. That being said, when warm dry weather is not guaranteed and with many of us not having space to dry clothes indoors for a prolonged period, the tumble dryer does come into its own in busy households in allowing for a quick turnaround of clean dry laundry, ready for immediate re-use.

Having made such a considerable purchase it is understandable to want to get the best value for money by ensuring that the machine is operated cost effectively and that it remains efficient over the course of a long lifespan.

Consider when to use your Machine

Having purchased a tumble dryer it is tempting to use it for everything in order to validate its place in the home. However, this may not necessarily be the most effective way to use the appliance. For maximum efficiency it is always worth considering whether it is really necessary to place every item in the dryer, for example, if you have room for a clothes airer or drying rack then smaller, light weight items may be dried naturally in a relatively short amount of time. For those items that would benefit from being placed in the dryer it is important to ensure that you have gathered enough for a full load before switching the dryer on as operating with a full load is far more efficient than carrying out a number of cycles with the drum almost empty. By the same token do not be tempted to over fill the drum, not only could this result in tearing and snagging of clothing, the likelihood is that the items will still be damp at the end of the cycle rendering the whole exercise and associated running costs pointless.

How to use your Machine Effectively

Make it easy for the tumble dryer to do its job and to give you the results you would want. Drying at a high spin speed allows clothing to be dried quickly, less time in the dryer means lower fuel bills in the long run. It also ensures that clothes come out dry, ready to be worn or put away as intended. It is incredibly frustrating to come to the end of a cycle and discover that items remain damp in the dryer; you can guard against this by ensuring that bulky items like large jumpers, towels or bedlinen are not tangled or knotted as these areas will retain water and be more difficult for the dryer to process properly ending in poor results.

Correct Installation

Understanding how your dryer works and what it needs to do its job properly is the first step towards ensuring that your dryer remains effective over many years. From the point of installation you can ensure that your dryer has been placed in such a way that it is never fully encased, instead air must be allowed to circulate freely around the appliance and be able to be both drawn in and expelled easily.

Maintenance of the Lint Filter

Internal airflow within the machine will also contribute to the effectiveness and long term running costs of your tumble dryer. Regular maintenance and cleaning of the lint filter will ensure that warm air is able to circulate within the machine allowing the dryer to work effectively, drying clothes in the optimum time and therefore reducing energy bills.

Do not Interrupt the Cycle

Part of the overall drying programme of any machine will be a cool down phase; with time at a premium for most of us it is often tempting at this point to wrench open the door to the tumble dryer and remove items at this point. It is important to resist this urge, even if it is only to remove the odd garment or two. Interrupting the cycle at this point even momentarily could trip the overheat thermostat. This is a built in safety feature of most machines and in many modern machines cannot simply be reprogrammed, necessitating a replacement part.

Following the above tips should mean that you get the most from your tumble dryer, but unfortunately more frequent usage, for example over the winter months, can lead to breakdowns. If you suspect there is a fault with your machine it is important to stop using it immediately and to investigate the issue, with the help of a qualified engineer if necessary. Sometimes a specific part on you appliance might also need replacing through wear and tear and you should always seek an exact replacement spare, from a reputable company like Spares Direct. In doing so you reduce the risk of a serious malfunction of the machine which could prove dangerous or dramatically shorten the working life of your appliance.

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