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How Digital Mockups Can Influence The Construction Field

October 1, 2021

Construction projects play a significant role in our daily lives. From office buildings to homes, these projects are essential. To give you some perspective about just how many construction projects will be needed within the next 25-30 years, consider that the current population growth worldwide is equal to the population of over 10,000 average-sized cities. As a result, building projects that can accommodate such a vast number of people will need to be completed around the world, meaning state-of-the-art technology will play a vital role in making this happen. As for the types of technology currently influencing the construction field, few can match digital mockups and their impact.

Interconnecting Data

Since digital twins are virtual replicas of buildings and other structures, they have the ability to interconnect data gathered by engineers, architects, and others involved with the project. Doing so eliminates slowdowns caused by data systems that aren’t set up to speak to one another, which when this occurs leads to productivity declines and project outcomes that are less than optimal. Such replicas can also be useful for spotting errors in a particular project before valuable assets are used to construct it. Minimizing errors can also keep employees safe while also meeting OSHA standards at the same time.

Projects On Any Scale

From the largest of construction projects to ones that are much smaller in scope, digital mockups created with Digital Twin platforms by companies such as CityZenith can not only lead to optimal project performance but also be quite accurate in predicting outcomes of future projects that possess many similarities. In allowing engineers and planners to make full use of the next-generational 3D visualizer, analytics such as site selection, operations, maintenance, and more can be scrutinized to find where improvements can be made along the way.

A Whole New Perspective

While talking about a project is one thing, being able to see it through 3D visualization is something entirely different. Once architects and planners have this technology in front of them, they are given an entirely new perspective on how the project will ultimately play out. In many situations, looking at a project in this manner can let the project team spot potential problems they did not expect to encounter long before the construction phase begins, saving time and money.

Solid Return on Investment

Like many other forms of technology that may have initially been very expensive to purchase and use, digital mockups and the 3D technology responsible for their creation have been dropping dramatically in recent years. Because of this, more companies are now able to take advantage of this technology, while also gaining a solid return on their investment.

No matter the type of construction project or where it may be located in the world, digital mockups will continue to influence the construction industry in ways never imagined only a few years ago.

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