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How Employees Can Be More Mindful Of Customer Concerns

March 16, 2017

In order to thrive and succeed as a business, your employees will need to have positive interactions with customers. These interactions can make or break relationships and have direct impacts on your sales and profitability. Keep these four tips in mind when training your employees on how to be more mindful of customer concerns such as security and respect.

Treating Customers with Respect

There used to be a saying that went, “The customer is always right.” In the current competitive economy, many companies have enacted policies that do not go in favor of the consumer. If a customer has an issue, employees should treat the customer with respect and assume that the customer is being honest with their situation. Greeting customers thanking them for their business also helps employees to be mindful of customers and to build a strong rapport with each client.

Wearing a Company Uniform

If your employees go to the customer’s residence, customers may be concerned about whether or not the person at their doorstep is really an employee of the company. Some companies, like Absolute Screen Printing, know that wearing a company uniform alleviates this concern. In a bricks-and-mortar store, having employees wear a company uniform makes it easier for customers to find and ask for assistance when they need it.

Taking the Time to Listen

Many upset and irate customers feel like they are not being listened to by a company. One way that your employers can improve the customer’s experience is to take the time to really listen to the customer’s concerns. The employee can repeat or restate the issue, such as, “I understand that your widget broke after one use. Let me see what we can do about that.” Teach your employees to be patient and to not take complaints personally.

Bringing in a Supervisor

If your employees are not empowered to resolve certain situations, such as handling a return without a receipt or exchanging a used product, make it easy for the employee to bring in a supervisor. Customers may calm down when a supervisor is brought in to address their issue. Employees who bring in a supervisor demonstrate to customers that their issue is legitimate and deserving of close attention.

These steps will hep your employees to be mindful of customer concerns in any type of business situation. In addition to these tips, treating your employees well is also important. A happy employee is more likely to be patient, kind and understanding with even the most difficult of customers.

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