How Has Technology Changed The Life Moments And Upbringing Of The Modern Generation?

February 3, 2016

We all use the element of technology in every breath we take quite literally. Whether we are sleeping we use our buttoned air conditioners and heaters, whether we are eating, we use our ovens and automated stoves. If we are talking to someone we love, we are using our laptops and smart phones. When we are in the operation theatre, we are surviving by the support of medical machines. There is no single thing which we do that does not really involve the use of technology.

This confinement that we find ourselves in when it comes to technology has played both positive and negative aspects. Technology has definitely provided us some of the best advantages we can think of and on the other hand it also has become a nuisance for many. Technology has made us forget some of the most valuable life lessons that we once learnt and were so sacred for us. Our generations have forgotten the idea of real living as they are lost somewhere in all the materialistic aspects of our society. Today’s blog is going to talk about some of the key lessons that technology has ruined for us in our daily lives, which were once the proud moments of our lives.

No More Love For Humans:

As a household filled with people, one expects a quality family time where the youngsters interact with the elder ones in the family and learn some valuable principles or lessons. However, with the technological interruptions in our life, even if the family is going to sit at one table, they all will be glued to their devices and gadgets. This means that technology has taken everyone further away from each other. We want to interact with people on social media, but not talk to someone sitting close to us. The fondness of playing with mobile phones and tablets has killed all the emotional elements within us.

Lack Of Compassion And Patience:

When people get used to getting things done quickly, they do not really develop the idea of compassion, waiting or having the patience. Everyone wants to rush with everything they want to get done without considering or caring for others around them. This is one of the serious disadvantages or malfunctions that technology has created amongst our society.

Destroyed Values:

With easy access to vulgar sites and media that is highly made up, our societies are now destroyed. Youngsters have changed their thought processes and they want to live a life which they see on the internet. They want to pursue people they see in movies and pursue the directions that internet teaches them rather than focusing on the learning that their parents have installed within them.

Fabrication And Fakeness:

We all want to highlight the happiest moments of our lives on social media. This creates a false perception that life is all about happy endings and stories. No one wants to see the real issues of our lives, there is fabrication all around us with focus on materialistic things in the society.

Author Bio:

Jacqueline Smith is the author of this blog post. Jacqueline works for a software house just like the company Mind Aqua. She also likes to post blogs for the site and her blogs are largely about issues that have arisen with the use and growth of the technological world in our lives.

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