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How Is The Bi-Folding Marketplace Changing?

February 19, 2016

According to leading reports, aluminium products, including doors and windows, are enjoying a large percentage of success, particularly the bi-folding door. Figures released from Google show that the search term bi-fold doors has grown massively since 2005, with thousands of searches each month nationwide.

The rise in popularity has come from a number of different sources. The increase in the number of companies manufacturing and selling the product has had a large impact, along with the greater exposure they have had on programmes like Grand Designs and DIY SOS.

As soon as the demand is there, more and more building companies have started including them as standard in commercial properties like hotels and golf clubs. As more of us see the benefits it can have on the domestic client as well, the more we aspire and dream. Bi-folding doors are considered the very cream of the market, the premium product if you will. As a result, anyone who can afford this product is looking to show off to their friends, increasing the demands again.

Yet it is not only these doors that mean the market place in changing. Because of the popularity, they are starting to become a standard product, and thus now you are getting developers looking to use them as a focal point within wider curtain walling structures. Some are even not using them as a focus at all. The popularity of the sliding door, although not as strong, still has its place and matched together, sliding and bi-folding door arrangements are becoming very popular in large estate homes and commercial property.

Now, if you are thinking of adding bi-folding doors to your home, the chances are you will have seen them on a friend’s property or somewhere you have visited. This intrigue still means that the requests for these are continually high.

Whatever the reasons for the rise in demands, the marketplace is forever changing and whilst their rise is particularly good right now, newer products like roof lanterns are also growing in popularity. This trend looks set to continue and with a rise in the number of homes being built in the UK, as well as commercial property builds across major cities, this trends shows no signs of stopping.

If you would like to know about the wide range of different aluminium products that are available in the UK, you should speak to a professional company. Whist the rise in the bi-fold market is still growing, people often forget about the other amazing products, such as sliding doors and roof lanterns that are still available that can do a similar job of creating superb amounts of light into your home.

Whatever the secondary reasons for the market being strong, home improvement remains one of the biggest drivers of people making changes. So, as the market continue to grow, how will you be looking to add a product which was once a luxury, into your home due to its ‘must have’ status?

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