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How Smells Can Help Study

September 1, 2015

We can’t imagine our life without five traditional senses (touch, sight, hearing, smell and taste). It is absolutely natural for us to use all of them in day-to-day routine and sometimes we do not even realize which of those senses we use.

There is a strong connection between scents and memory: sometimes a particular smell makes us remember certain things and trigger certain emotions. Without getting into specifics, we can say that there are tight links between the organs involved with smell and the memory headquarters of the human’s brain and one can take advantages of those links for the purpose of better memorizing, for example. Moreover, scents can inspire for creativity and writing academic papers. If you have no ideas for composing some kind of essay find the right smell or apply to the right essay writing company if you are still in search of your magic scents.

If one wants to remember the examination material better, he should find an object with distinct smell that he can also take to the classroom. There are various scented candles with distinct smells, but it is rather difficult to take a candle for the examination without distracting the other people. It is possible to spray a pen or a neckerchief with a certain scent or perfume in order to smell that scent anywhere on a regular basis. This may help boost the process of memorization, but it is important to remember that one should not rely on this method only in order to pass Literature test.

Perhaps, this is not the most popular and wide spread tool people use to boost brain activity and productivity, but one of the most effective. It is called “aromatherapy.” Essential oils are famous for the anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal health-promoting effects and one can use them in order to better job performance and improve health. The proper use of the scents can activate the hypothalamus, enhance the immune system, affect blood pressure, stimulate digestion, etc.

There are several scents one can use in a way he wants in order to boost the performance and help study:

  1. Lemon

The scent of this citrus helps improve concentration, has calming and clarifying effects, which might help when one feels overworked or anxious. If you experience difficulties with a research project writing process, try to find products with the lemon scent. When one is searching for antiviral and antibacterial effect or wants to boost the body’s immune system or improve circulation, he can use the essential oil of lemon as well.

  1. Lavender

The calming effect of this aroma can help cope with emotional stress. Also it has a calming effect on nerves, relieves nervous tension, and helps deal with depression. If one has headache and migraine, he can use lavender oil.

  1. Cinnamon

If there is a mental fatigue, one can turn to this scent and its stimulating effects. One can use cinnamon, if it is necessary to better concentration and focus on certain issues.

  1. Peppermint

 Perhaps, this is one of the best scents for students. Use the essential oil of peppermint for brainstorming. This scent has strong energy boosting property as it help invigorate the brain, improve concentration and actuate clear thinking.

  1. Rosemary

Some people would call this aroma “morning pick-me-up” and it is great to use it as an option to wake up. Besides, it improves memorization, has stimulating effects that cope with physical exhaustion, headache and mental fatigue. One should use be rosemary in order to ease muscular pain.

  1. Jasmine

Its properties are similar to lavender, as people use jasmine to calm nerves. But too often this scent serves as an anti-depressant due to its properties, which produce a feeling of reliance, optimism and revitalize the energy.

There is also one more smell, which is essential to all the people in the world; this is coffee’s aroma. Drinking too much caffeine can cause stress and result in a loss of sleep, but sniffing coffee can help you feel fresh and full of energy.

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