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How The Online Sphere Is Transforming Recruitment In South Africa

October 19, 2015

Since 2011, online recruitment in South Africa has been on the rise as recruiters adapt to new trends and the way that candidates use online spaces. Candidates continue to influence the launch of websites like that have simplified hiring and job applications. The key issue South African recruiters have had in the past decade is finding the ideal candidate for a position.

  1. Candidate tracking, social hiring and new technology

Zigo is an ideal platform for South African recruiters because they finding it easier to find candidates, track their development and ensuring that they are well qualified and experienced. With the advent of social media, it is also easier to get an idea of the candidate’s personality and whether they are a good cultural fit into your organisation. Candidates also feel more compelled to update their profile on a regular basis and if recruiters are headhunting can easily find recently updated resumes.

  1. The benefits of an ever-evolving search culture

Thanks to Google, the web search culture has successfully transformed how we use the internet and is offering advanced technology for candidates and recruiters across industries. Members register to the site, upload their CV and easily apply to advertised position. They can search for positions they are interested in by entering the position they are interested in and the area. Covering the entire South African region and launching into the UK and USA, Zigo Jobs in Cape Town where the websites lists hundreds of jobs for Cape Town people, Zigo is a quality website that offers quality candidates and recruiters….

  1. Contributing to curbing unemployment

With an increasing number of organisations joining the online recruitment game; Zigo offers a management systems aimed at simplifying the employment process for both the recruiter and the candidate. In addition, the site is also adapted to mobile devices making it easier for people to apply for jobs and leverage their online presence to ensure that they showcase their ability to the maximum. Companies also find it simpler to get in touch with a candidate, scanning through their CVs and vetting the candidate is also increasingly simpler and easier.

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