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How to Become An Effective and Inspirational Leader At Work

August 17, 2021

Currently, the leadership research shows that there are two types of people in the work place, leaders and followers. As we navigate our jobs, we are constantly doing both in some way or another. We all learned how to get along with each other in grade school, the skills required to become an inspirational leader come from understanding leadership theory and gaining experience.

Good Followers Make Good Leaders

If you’re thinking that you don’t have any leadership experience, so it is impossible for you to become a good leader, you are wrong. In fact, leadership goes beyond our formal titles and positions in an organizational hierarchy. One way to become a better leader is to reflect on how you were treated by people that you consider to be leaders. More specifically, reflect on how they made you feel, what you think they did right, and any constructive criticism focusing on what you would do differently. Implement the results of these reflections into your own practices.

Implement a Transformational Leadership Style

Many think that transformational leadership is just a buzzword. On the contrary, it is a deeply involved social practice to help employees connect their own values with that of the organization’s, to help employees develop ways to improve on the job and personally, and motivate them to continually improve. You can check out the four I’s of transformational leadership here, which will help you instill heart transformation development in your work place.

We All Form Networks and Groups

Stemming from our hunter-gatherer ancestors, we have a tendency to form groups to help us navigate the many problems that surround our work. That is, we form in-groups and those that are in our in-groups get our attention and even promotions. However, with in-groups comes out-groups. Those in the out-group are alienated from promotion and higher responsibility. As a leader, your goal should be to maximize your in-group so as to not exclude anybody and give those around you the sense that they have a purpose.

Leadership is an emerging complex discipline and requires intentional and meaningful interpersonal reflection about our daily decisions and behaviors. This can be difficult as our work environments rapidly change around us. However, we can develop contingent leadership styles to match whatever situation presents itself. Use these three tips to become a more effective and inspirational leader at work.

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