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How To Build A Positive Company Culture

By admin
November 17, 2015

The way in which a business conducts itself inside of the office is critical to the company’s future. Companies with hostile work environments can make it difficult for employees to perform to the best of their abilities. Moreover, negative company cultures can lead to low employee retention, which costs the company time and money.

Building a positive company culture will lead to company growth, as the better the environment, the more willing employees will be to become a top performer.

The Team

The first step to building a positive work environment is hiring the right employees. Employees who thrive in the workplace not only motivated to be the best, but are also not competitive with their co-workers. Many companies choose to create a competitive work environment, hoping the competitive aspect will push employees to perform at the top of their game. However, that usually results in employees looking to leave the company within a few months or years, as the job is too stressful.

However, if there is already tension in the workplace that you are hoping to address, consider having your employees utilize a company like ComPsych. An employee assistance program can help your employees deal with occupational stress, among other issues.

Open Communication

One of the best ways to establish a positive work environment is to open the lines of communication. Many new companies have transformed their offices from compartmentalized cubicles to one open office space where employees can talk freely to one another. There are often oversized chairs, sofas, and plenty of windows to bring a relaxing element to the office.

While it is important to establish strong communication among employees, it is equally important to have clear and open communication between superiors and employees. If an employee is hesitant to speak with the head of the company, it is likely that there are multiple employees who feel the same way, and that tension can manifest itself throughout the office.


While there are deadlines that need to be adhered to, when possible, offer flexibility to employees, whether that is allowing employees to work outside of the office or at times when they are the most productive. A little bit of flexibility can go a long way, as it can keep employees happy, free of stress, and more motivated to get work done.


People perform well when their work is noticed and appreciated. Taking the time to recognize employees who are doing well at the moment will make them feel as if their work is valued and meaningful. The more valued they feel, the more driven they often are to continue being successful.


It is important to give your employees time off, but it is more important to make sure they use their vacation days in order to avoid burnout. Employees perform much better when they are not overworked, as they can take some time to gain perspective and rejuvenate, both of which re critical to keeping employee morale positive.

Company culture is important to a company’s future, thus it is a wise idea to implement these ideas into the office.

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