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How To Choose A Craft For A Hobby

October 8, 2015

If you are new to crafts, and want to choose a craft for a hobby, this is the article for you. With such a huge selection of crafts to choose from, it can be difficult to know which one to choose. The world of crafts is huge, and if you’re going to invest in plenty of items to use for your craft projects, it’s important to really know what you want to create, or understand what you really enjoy doing so your investment doesn’t get wasted. Crafting can be an incredible creative outlet, help relieve stress and bring huge satisfaction when you create something amazing for yourself and others to appreciate. It’s a really great hobby, but the question is, which craft is right for you?

Unless you have always enjoyed a certain craft, it is likely you are not drawn to one particular type of craft. Most hobbyists have started a craft because someone they know got them into it, or they have tried lots of different crafts before they found one they liked.

Here are some tips to help you find the right craft for you:

Trial & Error

If possible, try your hand at lots of different crafts to see which one ‘fits’. Visit craft fairs, ask friends who enjoy different crafts if you can have a go, and fish for cheap materials on carboots and in charity shops to use for trying different crafts. Youtube is a particularly great source of information with tons of beginners tutorials – some crafts do not require you buy anything new to give them a go, like T shirt yarn for example. Don’t invest much in any craft you try, simply use free or low cost ways to try different types to see if one grabs your attention.

Childhood Memories

Think about creative activities you enjoyed as a child. Even simple activities like painting, knitting with your grandma, or woodwork with your dad, could be something to take backup again as an adult. That initial excitement and enthusiasm you had as a child could be reignited and put to good use so it’s worth thinking about these past activities for inspiration.

Which Products Do You Love?

One of the best ways to think about a craft you might enjoy, is to think about the products you love the most. If you love scented candles, it might be worth trying to make your own. If you love blankets and thick knits, knitting could be a great idea. How about fashion? Sewing or printing is a great way to create your very own clothing designs. If you find you spend a lot on certain types of products that could be a direct sign that’s the area you need to focus on for your new craft.

Browse Craft Stores Both On And Offline

Take a look in your local craft store and at reputable online craft stores like Handy Hippo Crafts for inspiration. You might find beginners kits, guides or books that spark your interest. Don’t worry too much about how much experience or knowledge you have with the craft, where there’s a will there’s a way!

Browse Online Websites And Image Directories

Look on Pinterest, Instagram, read blogs and watch vlogs about different crafts. Sometimes you need to see what other people have created to get your own creative juices flowing. There is a huge online craft community, which you’ll find out (and find inspiration from) the moment you start browsing other people’s projects.

Look For Local Craft Groups

If you feel like you want a social craft that enables you to gain advice, knowledge and company from other enthusiasts, look up the different craft groups in your area. Those who already have a passion for a particular craft will be more than happy to help you get started. It’s a great way to gain free advice and make new friends as well.

Ask Friends And Family About Their Craft

If you have a particular craft in mind, ask a friend or family member about it if they already enjoy that craft. Ask them how much it costs them to do, how much space you need, how much time it takes, and if it is particularly difficult to get into.

Have Fun!

Remember, the whole point in taking up a craft as a hobby is to enjoy yourself. If you get stressed at any point and stop enjoying yourself, the craft is not right for you! Look for one that makes you feel relaxed, excited and creative and one that suits your available budget, time and space.

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