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How To Compose Yourself In The Courtroom When Facing A Felony

April 17, 2017

Facing a felony is a stressful situation. You may feel overwhelmed and burdened with the process. These tips will help you to compose yourself in the courtroom as your hearings and trial take place.

Use Deep Breathing

Going to court and facing a felony can be stressful. Your usual stress relief techniques may not be allowed in a courtroom. One method that you can use without being noticed is deep breathing. Slowly inhale, hold your breath for five to ten seconds, then slowly exhale. If you are allowed to bring in a small stress ball or something smooth to hold, such as a piece of suede cloth, hold it in your hand and rub it. The sensations can calm you.

Choose a Focal Point

If your case is scheduled just before lunch or near the end of the day, you may be sitting in the courtroom for a while. Professionals, such as those at Mesenbourg & Sarratori Law Offices, realize that all the waiting can cause you to feel anxious. Instead of darting your eyes around the room, choose a single focal point. A clock on the wall, the judge’s seat or a framed portrait allow you to center yourself until it is your turn to address the court.

Focus on the Moment

Keep your mind on the here and now while in court facing a felony. Leave the past in the past. Be respectful in how you address others and listen to what is said to you. You will have plenty of time to plan for your future as soon as you leave the courtroom. For now, focus on the justice process itself and gain an appreciation for how the law is administered.

Listen to Your Lawyer

Your lawyer will offer advice on how to carry yourself and compose yourself in the courtroom. The lawyer may know the judge and understand the type of behavior that is expected in his or her courtroom. You may consider practicing with your lawyer beforehand, especially if you will be testifying on your own behalf. If your lawyer advises you to say nothing, do so.

Your lawyer is there to ensure your rights are protected and you have the care you need for your physical and mental health. These four strategies can help you to compose yourself in any situation. You an use one or more of these strategies any time that you are feeling anxious or panicked. If your stress becomes overwhelming, be sure to mention this to your lawyer.

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