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How To Configure Modem In Windows

April 26, 2016

For every system which is connected to internet has an IP address associated with it. There are basically two types of IP addresses namely public and private IP address. Whenever we need to access over internet, we need to buy a modem or router from specific service provider and then it helps us in connecting to internet. In order to enable the configuration for a specific modem, we need to enable the configuration by making changes in the default IP address from its GUI.

There are various types of modems and routers available in the market. Generally the most general types of modems are accessible or configurable by making changes in the IP address from its GUI. In order to make changes in the modem, you need to get the information about the router first. DHCP function is also another key component here and is disabled by default and as this is disabling we can make changes in the IP address manually as 192.168.1.X value.

It is also possible to add static IP address to your system by using below steps

  1. First of all you need to check your system IP address (which is the private IP address) of your computer. For this go to Control Panel -> Network Status and Tasks -> Click Internet Connection -> Check Status and there you will get this checked about the IP address assigned to your system.
  2. It is possible to assign a static IP address to the devices that are connected within the network. Go to Control Panel-> Network Connections -> Right Click on LAN connection -> Properties -> TCP/IP -> properties-> Check box appears (here you can enter all the details related to required IP address of each host. One can assign any IP address range from Class A, B or C.

How to change LAN Settings?

In order to achieve this task, you need to enable static IP address of your system. Before you start, you need to have a static IP address on your system and ensure that there is no other device which is connected to the modems using DHCP protocol. Make sure that you have telnet configured.

Now you need to login to your modem and enter the IP address and by connecting to the IP address using the web browser. Open your browser (such as Internet explorer or Mozilla) and then you will be able to access Modem address by using this IP address which helps in changing or editing the configurations of modem or device. Once the browser opens the page, you need to enter administrator and password easily.

  • Now go to home network -> Interface-> Local Network-> Configure -> use DHCP server -< Apply-> Add DHCP pools -> Add DHCP and click apply.
  • Open command prompt -> type cmd (for windows) -> Telnet and you will be able to Apply now.
  • Open URL again and you disable DHCP server using this configuration.
  • Now you can enter the IP address as per requirement. There can be three types of host IP addresses namely Class A , Class B or Class C.

You can add the IP address in the section provided and that would be IP address in the desired form. Click on edit tab -> input the values for IP address and Mask (the address should be same as before and therefore you will be able to set static IP address. In case you wish to have DHCP configured and then plan then it would be ideal way to make changes in the default IP address or configured as per requirement. From the static IP address assignment, it is possible only for you to make changes in the modem or router configuration.


In case there is any issue related to router admin password then you will be able to connect your system. If you are suspecting any error related to this configuration or while testing then there are certain possibilities which can be done at your end.

  1. Check the logs for troubleshooting->make sure that the modem is well set and configured through LAN connection. Sometimes for most of the modems, it contains information.
  2. Perform reboot- In case you are having issues with some certain configuration in your system then you can even reboot the server as well. This helps in re-reading the configuration and makes it possible to enable changes.
  3. Good quality E1: if the reboot doesn’t resolve the issue then you need to proceed with making other changes or checks on the hardware. It is also possible that the CAT5 cable is used and one should be able to make testing.

Clearly making changes in the default IP address is used to make changes in modem settings which you prefer to set.

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