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How To Create A Welcoming Reception In Any Business

September 11, 2015

If your business is like a book, then your reception area is your front page. It is quite possibly the first thing that visitors and clients see, so it’s crucial to make a good impression. It’s easy to design a reception area that is warm and welcoming, projecting the right professional image for your company.


A light, bright and clutter-free reception area will project an organised and efficient air. However, don’t be afraid to inject personality with design as bright colours and art work can be used to create a fun and fashionable impression. It’s also a great opportunity to put your company logo on show, perhaps showcasing some of your achievements with posters or adverts in tasteful frames – no cluttered and peeling posters as this looks messy! And make sure everything you have on display is up to date.


Think carefully about what furniture you need. A reception desk is key, with plenty of storage space to keep the area organised and efficient. You will also need seating for visitors – comfortable and sumptuous sofas will be far more inviting than old plastic chairs. Again, you can make a tasteful statement here – perhaps with a vintage leather sofa or some bright cushions in company colours.


Lighting makes a huge difference to a room. Light and bright spaces look efficient and are always welcoming, but too much lighting could equally be garish. Think carefully about the room’s natural lighting and make the most of this. Mirrors can really add space and light to a room, especially if it’s on the smaller side.

Entertainment and Refreshments

Think of what you’d like to keep you busy while sat around waiting. A range of quality magazines is always a good idea – make sure they’re in date, though, to create the right impression. This is also a good opportunity to leave some marketing material for your company within easy reach, for visitors to peruse. A water machine is always welcome, while a tea and coffee machine is even better – make sure this area is always clean and tidy.

Extra points for providing biscuits or cup cakes! Another top tip is to display your WiFi password, if you are happy to share it – this will be extremely popular with busy visitors, and projects a friendly and professional image. Music or TV can also be appropriate in certain environments, offering visitors something to pass the time.


Perhaps the most important feature of all! No amount of design can make up for a rude receptionist, while a friendly receptionist will make a good impression on a visitor, even in a poorly decorated room! The most important thing is a smile – friendly and helpful service will create the best impression.

It’s important, too, that the receptionist is smart and professional-looking. Ask your receptionist to invite your visitors to take a seat and help themselves to refreshments and magazines. Also give them the WiFi password without being asked – your visitors will be impressed and feel at ease!

Ben Livings runs Sadlers Farm Office Furniture. He has helped design and install stylish offices all over the UK and enjoys creating functional and attractive work spaces for his clients.

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