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How To Create Versatile Plumbing Designs Using Office 365?

March 11, 2016

While Microsoft has ventured into a relatively unknown terrain with the introduction of Office 365, this transformational move has gained success and popularity in a surprisingly small time frame. In fact it is being increasingly used by people from different strata across professions and occupations. Even though this move was initially centred within their productivity stack, it has now reached beyond it those boundaries to form an ever-growing list of software services like

  • CRM or customer relationship management software online,
  • Microsoft Azure and Azure active directory,
  • SQL Power BI with its data interactive visualisations,
  • Visual Studio Online etc.

Effectively speaking what Microsoft has done is take their tried and tested product software packages like Office, Visio, project etc. and transformed them from desktop solutions to online solutions. The site amply talks about how this has been done.

Microsoft Visio pro and its utility

Having the same capabilities as that of the Microsoft Visio professional 2016, the Office 365 Visio Pro is also available on a subscription basis along with the other office 365 package software. An extremely handy tool when intricate and accurate designs have to be created, some of the very important and useful features of this software are:

  • It simplifies the assimilated information with the help of professionally diagrams created using just a few clicks of the mouse.
  • Its services are flexible wherein the users can pay-as-you-go or even avail per-user-licensing. This assumes relevance in instances where Visio pro has been installed in more than one computer. It would be pertinent to mention here that an Office 365 subscription enables Vision pro to be loaded onto as many as five different computers. The only criteria required is that the operating system should be windows 7 and above.
  • It integrates effortlessly with other Office 365 services like Lync and SharePoint as offered by Office 365 Business Plans
  • It comes complete with abundant built-in templates and all the familiar and popular features of Visio Professional 2016 including its extremely potent functionality, its effective stencils and creatively efficient shapes.

All this and more enables users to create designs which are universally versatile making this the most appropriate software for use by plumbers.

Creating personalised plumbing designs

The no sweat, no grime, no wrench Office 365 for plumbers actually lets the user make a personalised plan for his plumbing. Also in order to help and guide them in this process, Microsoft even provides a complementary Office 365 Online readiness assessment tool based on the actual experience of plumbers who have spent time sweating it out in the trenches. This tool makes every effort to ensure that when the customer is ready to finally start using the pipes, no unwanted and unwarranted leaks spring up.

Of course the use of the Free Cloud Project Software as available in Office 365 helps plumbers get a jumpstart on the initials of designing. This includes

  • Precluded starter diagrams and pertinent tricks, tips and abundance of templates enable the user to create professional looking impressive layouts within a very short span of time.
  • A simple diagram creating automated wizard which can create designs and layouts from data obtained from organisational charts.
  • The ability to customise the designs created by taking the help of the huge spectrum of themes and special effects present within the Office 365 Visio pro software. This results in a completely new compelling looking professional diagram with just a few rational clicks of the mouse.
  • The best part is the ability to put life into the design created with the use of data linking and data sharing using software available in In fact these software also enable the user to
    • Document the whole process using the standard notations,
    • Validate the diagram to ensure its creation is in tune with industry standards, business best practices and general compliance needs and
    • Communicate all the processes involved to the enterprise or customer concerned using the technology of live data connectivity.

Collaborating as a team and leveraging on an almost office-like environment, these plumbing layouts can be made to accurately reflect the needs, wants and thoughts of the customer or the user. They can also be protected from data theft by taking the help of the tight file protection techniques incorporated within Microsoft Office 365.

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