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How To Do Text Message Marketing The Right Way

October 8, 2015

A text message strategy is an important pillar to include in your business’s marketing arsenal. But just sending text messages to your subscribers isn’t enough. To experience real success with this marketing tactic, you must learn how to text the right way. Here are some tips for capturing the power of business texts.

Create a Schedule

According to the Dos and Don’ts of Text Message Marketing, one of the first steps you should take while building a text message marketing strategy is to create a texting schedule. A robust schedule that outlines which texts will be sent at what times achieve several goals.

First, it helps you avoid sending text messages too often. Overwhelming your subscribers with too many texts is the best way to increase your number of un-subscription requests. Second, a texting schedule sets the scene for an A/B testing strategy.

Test your Tactics

As mentioned above, you should begin A/B testing your texts as soon as you’re able. An A/B testing strategy means that you’ll split your list of subscribers and send each half of the list a different text based on an element you’d like to test.

For example, if you want to determine the best time of day for sending text messages to your subscribers, you can split your list in half and send the same text at different times of the day. Whichever text has the highest open rate will be the winner. By testing your tactics, you’ll gather the data needed to utilize the full power of this marketing tactic.

Be Brief

Keep your texts short. Do this by choosing small words over large words and get right to the point of the message. When relevant, use acronyms to shorten your messages. Keeping your texts brief will help you avoid annoying your subscribers and can also help increase your text’s engagement rates.

Reward your Regulars

Loyalty should always be rewarded. Reward your regular customers by texting them VIP offers or special discounts. Many text platforms allow you to track your best clients and provide a way to quickly text those loyal guests. Rewarding your regular customers further solidifies their relationship with your business and can spur them to spread more positive word of mouth to their friends and family.

Perfect Your CTA

Every text you send should include a CTA. But the texts shouldn’t just include any CTA. The CTA should be engaging and valuable. By taking the time to perfect the CTAs of your text messages, you’ll increase engagement rates, which should ultimately help boost the business’s revenue.

Don’t just text your customers, text them the right way. From creating a texting schedule to perfecting your text CTAs, there are many ways to improve your text messaging strategy. Put these tips into practice today to utilize the full power of business texting.

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