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How to Easily Dispose of Extra Trash after Holiday Festivities

December 27, 2018

The holidays are a time for gift-giving, gathering together with family and friends and enjoying other festivities. So much merriment unfortunately often results in a substantial amount of waste. This may be wrapping paper and boxes from gifts, bottles, and cans from a big holiday bash or any number of other things. The dilemma of trying to manage and eliminate so much waste efficiently is a true challenge faced by many people this season. These are some waste management ideas to consider.

Recycle Paper and Plastic

Many people recycle at least some of their waste now, and you can easily ramp up your recycling efforts over the holidays to reduce your impact on the planet. Paper and plastic from gift wrap, gift boxes, packaging and more can mount into huge piles, and the perfect answer is to recycle as much of this waste as possible. Refresh your knowledge of what items your local recycling center collects before you host your next party or begin unwrapping gifts with your loved ones.

Spread It Out

If your curbside pickup service is like most, they will only collect a limited amount of waste at any given time. You understandably need food waste removed as soon as possible to avoid unpleasant smells, pest infestations and more. Other waste, however, may be set aside and disposed of in smaller quantities over the next few weeks. While having waste piled up in your garage for a few weeks may be undesirable, it may be the most convenient option available.

Plan Ahead for Large Events

If you are hosting a very large event at your home, you can expect to generate many bags of waste before and after the event. This waste may include food packaging, drink bottles and cans, discarded decorations, paper plates and napkins and other similar types of party items. This type of waste generally must be removed from your property in a timely manner. Renting skip bins for waste collection and removal is an excellent idea. Once the skip bins are full, they can be hauled away from your property without delay.

Regardless of the type of events that you are planning at home, it makes sense to research recycling guidelines and to purchase extra trash bags as you prepare for the holidays. Larger events may require even more planning and preparation. By planning ahead, you can reduce the stress and hassle associated with this aspect of the holidays.

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