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How To Ensure Your Commercial Move Goes Smoothly

April 12, 2016

Not knowing how you can effectively plan to move can create stress that goes beyond normal stress associated with making a change. However, if you create a guide for your business relocation, moving the office can be as easy and exciting as moving into a new home. The following guide suggestions can make the process of moving simpler and reduce the amount of stress and anxiety you feel in regards to moving.

Efficiency Effectively Saves You Money: It does not matter how far you plan to move your business, the process is going to result in downtime, meaning that instead of making money you and your employees will be preparing to move. Using cost and time efficient strategies for office moving will allow you to minimize the amount of down time your business experience, thus minimizing the amount of money you will lose. You can save time by preparing for the move before moving day occurs. The first thing you can do is go in and look at the new office space. Then create a floor plan and color code both the plan and moving boxes/furniture. This will allow movers to place furniture where you want it within each room at the new location. You should provide employees and the commercial movers you hired to conduct the move with a copy of the floor plan you created.

Communication Matters:  It is always important to ensure that you effectively communicating with your employees. This is true when you are moving as well. It is crucial that you effectively communicate with both your employees and the commercial movers that help you with the process in order for relocating to be a success. You may also consider designating an individual to be on site and supervise when the movers arrive at the new location with your boxes and furniture.

Packing:  If you hire full service commercial movers, they will complete the entire process for you. All you will have to do is pack and decide what goes where. The movers will pack your things, load it up, and unpack it at the new location. However, if you do not hire full service movers, you will be responsible for packing and unpacking and the movers will take the belongings to the new location. Creating a packing plan for you and your employees can help save time and ensure the move is efficient. You should designate who is responsible for packing what in your packing plan so that no one is confused and everyone is making the best move of their time. To ensure the safety of any valuables you have in the office (cash, check books, confidential documents, or any type of bank papers), you should move the items yourself.

You should also ensure that you are picking the right company for your move. You want to ensure the company you are hiring are not only experienced, but are also good at their jobs as well. You want to hire a company that is not difficult for you to work with. Finally, find a company whose employees and staff always behave in a professional manner and respect your space, your business, and your things.

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