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How to Find and Afford The Right Home For Your Family

December 15, 2020

Shopping for a family home is both exciting and daunting. You want to move into a comfortable, attractive house at a price you can afford. Here are some choices to consider when you start looking for the best next home for your family.


If cost is an important factor in choosing a home, you might want to look for a fixer-upper that you can get at a bargain price and renovate it on your personal timeline. There are some great deals available at low mortgage rates, so finding a cheap house in the location you want with the features you need might be easier than you think. After fixing up the house and enjoying it for a time, you could even sell it and put the profit toward a higher-level home.


Many condos are lower-priced than regular stand-alone houses, and they often come with amenities that make life more interesting. A built-in swimming pool, kids’ play area, tennis courts, and a rentable party room offer the conveniences of comfortable living at an affordable price. Although you might have to pay a Homeowners Association (HOA) fee, many condo dwellers appreciate the lawncare and other services that come with owning a condominium.

Suburban Homes

A cozy ranch-style home or a colonial two-story in the suburbs might be more to your taste and fit your budget. They typically sit on larger lots than city homes and provide opportunities for outside enjoyment and backyard entertainment. You can also find attractive luxury homes at workable prices. Some have been renovated from older houses while others might be located near a golf course or country club. Whatever the price, suburban homes appeal to those who prefer living away from the downtown and urban areas.

Rural Properties

Countryside cottages or mini-farms appeal to families that want to experience the great outdoors without the clamor of noisy neighbors. Acreage offers room to roam and even keep domesticated animal pets like horses, burros, or goats. With more people starting to grow their own food, space for a garden can clinch the sale when searching for a property that meets the family’s living needs and helps with the grocery budget. Fresh air and room for exercise are more great features of rural living.

Whatever your housing needs, work on a budget that will not only cover the cost of a down payment and monthly mortgage costs. Factor in utilities, insurance, and property taxes for a clear idea of what you can afford.

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