How To Find Deleted Browsing Data

September 9, 2015

Sometimes it is very important to know the ways in which the data that has been surfed through the internet is retrieved or gained access to even after it has been deleted. One can often require gaining access to previously deleted browsing data due to several circumstances. Sometimes when two or more people use the same computer, they are often required to delete the data fed into the browser, commonly for security and safety reasons. For privacy reasons users often make it a point to delete both information off from the computer as well as their Internet history. Sometimes, the information can often be required once it has previously been deleted. In such cases it is important to remain calm and know the proper procedure to regain the lost data instead of panicking and starting the search from scratch.

Hence the question that pops up is, can one regain access to data that has been deleted, if yes, how? It is important to understand how different websites and various web browsers work. Only then can one understand where the deleted data is sent off to and how the various web browsers allow us to regain lost access.

Following is a brief but comprehensive manner in which users are informed of the ways in which lost data can be accessed when using the different internet browsers:

How To Find Deleted History in Windows

It is important to keep track of the websites one visits. The web browsers store this information in Internet cookies, allowing them to easily locate the web pages that the user has visited, in case he wants to revisit the web page again.

A lot of people believe that while using Windows, if some information in the browser has been lost, it is lost for good. This is not entirely true. A very basic method through which users can retrieve data is through the search desktop operation. The Google desktop search option is then used with the help of keywords, you have used to browse the Internet before. This way you will be able to retrieve the browsing information when using Windows.

How To Find Deleted History on Internet Explorer

Every browser stores information in log files. The internet explorer stores information in the form of index.dat files. When finding deleted history in an IE, one has to enter that particular file name in the Windows files and folders search. Though the method of finding this data is almost like finding a lost or deleted word file, but the index.dat is not a text file. You will therefore, require a respective reader to look for deleted browsing data and that will help you solve the problem.

How To Find Deleted History on Mozilla Firefox

Just like the internet explorer stores in it the previously browsed data in the form of an index file, the Mozilla Firefox browsers stores them in the form of the history.dat file. With the use of the desired reader, the users are required to follow the same protocol to look for the files and folders that have previously been deleted.

Hence, through this very basic and easy to follow procedures, lost and deleted data can be retrieved through the various web browsers.

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