How to Find The Best Fridge and Freezer For Your Restaurant Business

September 25, 2021

A restaurant should be like a well-oiled machine – able to keep the necessary ingredients, cooking utensils, and produce at their best until they are needed. This is only possible with appliances that are not just reliable, but also dependable. A necessary appliance for a restaurant is a top-shelf industrial fridge and freezer to hold food and ingredients. Here is how you can find the best fridge and freezer for your restaurant business.

Ensure That It Is Energy Star Qualified

One of the best ways to save money on your restaurant’s energy bills is to purchase Energy Star-qualified equipment. With this designation, you can be assured that a certain product has been tested and shown to meet strict energy-efficiency guidelines established by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Department of Energy (DOE).

Consider the Cubic Footage

When looking at new refrigerators or freezers, it’s important to consider not only their dimensions but also how much space there is inside. Make sure you’ll have enough room for all your food by calculating how many cubic feet you’ll need based on your menu items, storage requirements, and quantity of products purchased.

Look at the Size and Style of the Door

Often overlooked, the type of door opening on a unit is important because it can affect how easy it is to load and unload. If you’re looking at a two-door model, make sure they both open toward the front, so you don’t have any issues with space in between them. You can also find a used stainless steel three-door commercial freezer among many others from individual sellers. Also, consider whether or not you need access through one solid door or if having a glass window is acceptable for your business’s needs.

Check the Warranty

The warranty associated with a new piece of equipment is very important. It tells you what kind of care and maintenance it needs, how long it will last before needing repairs or replacement, and whether or not parts are covered if something happens to go wrong. Make sure you know what your warranty covers in case there’s a problem later on.

Examine Controls

Consider how a unit will be controlled in your restaurant. Do you need it to have manual controls, digital controls, or both? Does the design of the controller impact where items can be placed inside the freezer? Will there be a temperature alarm that alerts you when something goes wrong? All of these questions should be considered when purchasing this appliance.

It is important to invest in the best equipment for your restaurant. By taking these considerations into account when purchasing a new piece of refrigeration, you can make sure that your new fridge and freezer will meet all of your business’s needs and help save money on energy bills.

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