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How To Get The Best Performance Out Of Your Land Rover

By Misty
April 26, 2016

The indomitable Land Rover as a dual-purpose, sturdy, yet lightweight vehicle was first designed by Maurice Wilks of British Rover Company in 1946. While the original Land Rover was similar in many aspects to Jeep, at present, the British carmaker is the only one focusing solely on four-wheel drive cars.

Land Rover is considered unique due to its ability to handle both agricultural equipment and passenger load efficiently. Some of the earliest optional accessories of the initial model Land Rover include side screens, doors, passenger seat, heater, cushions, weather protection, starting handle, and spare wheel tire.

The vehicle has undergone several changes over the years. At, you can find a full range of sophisticated Land Rover accessories that make driving the vehicle a pleasurable experience in Toronto irrespective of the type of terrain. Here are some important accessories to look for whether you are using your vehicle for farm work or as an off road leisure vehicle. These Land Rover accessories help to improve the performance of the Land Rover for a longer span.

  • Raised Air Intake system-Land Rover being a rugged vehicle is often put through quite a lot of rough use. This may end up in the air filter being under too much stress from the wet and dust environment. In such cases, having Land Rover accessories such as raised air intake ensures the clear air being delivered through the air filter reducing its burden and increasing engine performance. The device consists of a snorkel-like mount fixed to the front of the vehicles on the side. The intake extends into the roof, so it can absorb air that is free of water, debris, and dust.
  • Air suspension-For taking on treacherous terrain, having a good air suspension is critical. With a good air suspension, it is possible to keep the vehicle safe and travel skilfully via rough terrain, while enjoying an exciting ride. To enable this you need to increase the air suspension level to get additional ground clearance, which can be done up to a level of 303mm. With hood air intake system, wading through water is a breeze as the vehicle has a clearance depth of 900mm.
  • Interior accessories-Although Land Rovers bring to mind rugged and bare interiors, for owners who like to have a comfortable interior there are special customizable Land Rover accessories. You can add new upholstery and add on other interior touches like mats, storage nets etc. to make the interior more comfortable.
  • Stock tires-When you intend to travel on rough terrain mostly, it is best to upgrade the wheels of your Land Rover. While it is safer to cover rocky and rugged terrain slowly to protect the vehicle, especially its sidewalls, flat tires can occur occasionally. 10-spoke stock tires made of 22-inch alloy along with the vehicle instruction manual helps in easy and quick tire change.
  • Exterior accessories-There are an extensive range of Land Rover accessories for the exterior including deployable side steps, under shields for the rear, stainless steel trim for the front and tubes in the side for added protection.

There are innumerable other accessories that improve the safety, performance and convenience of the vehicle. While buying Land Rover accessories, make sure you look into the warranty provided and choose a reliable dealer for durable and high performing parts.


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