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How to Get Your Car Ready For The Road

June 8, 2021

Finally getting behind the wheel of your very own vehicle may be something that you’ve been thinking about doing for a long time. Unfortunately, it’s not always as easy as turning the key in the ignition. There are some necessary preparation steps that you’ll need to take to ensure that your car is actually ready for the road ahead.

Get Your Car Inspected

Most states require that a car undergo an inspection every so often. Some states require an inspection every year, while others may require one every time the vehicle changes owners. It’s best to check with DMV officials in your local state to determine if your vehicle needs proof of an inspection before you can legally drive it.

Check Your Fluids and Tire Pressures

One very important step that you’ll need to take to prepare for driving your vehicle is checking its fluids and tire pressure. You’ll want to inspect the oil, brake fluid, coolant, and windshield washer fluid. In some cars, you may need to also check the transmission fluid. However, not all cars have this fluid accessible.

Your tires are rated to be at a certain pressure. You can find this pressure rating on the sidewall of your tires. If you run tires that are overinflated or underinflated, it could lead to a potential blowout. It’s best to take the time now to check the pressure in each of your tires to ensure they’re where they need to be.

Get Your Registration and Tags

One of the first steps that you need to take to get your car ready for the road is to get a tag and title for it. Every car on the roadway must have a license plate and be registered with the Department of Motor Vehicles. You can obtain a license plate from your local DMV or car dealership. You’ll need to register your vehicle online through your state’s DMV website.

Ensure all of Your Lights are Working

An important pre-trip check is to ensure that all of your vehicle lights are working. Most vehicles have running lights that stay on at all times while the vehicle is operating. You should walk around your car and ensure that all of your running lights are working. Next, turn on your turn signals and verify they’re working in the front and back of your car. Don’t forget about your brake lights and headlights.

Getting your car ready for the road may seem overwhelming at first. However, the reality is that it isn’t that difficult if you have the right strategy. By following the tips that we went over above, you’ll be prepared to get behind the wheel of your car with peace of mind by your side.

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