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How To Get Your Promotional Items Into The Right Hands

October 7, 2016

Most business owners today understand that they need more than traditional offline ads and static online ads to attract members of their target markets. Consumer disinterest in advertising, along with increased competition caused by global selling have made promotional items labeled with the name, logo, tagline, and other brand identity details of a business more necessary than ever before. Commonly-used items, such as office supplies, clothing and accessories, sports items, and home products, remind consumers every day of the availability and expertise offered by a business. But how do you get these items into the hands of your audience?

Ask the Experts

Hire a marketing firm to provide you with information about the offline and online activities of your customers. Experienced marketers reveal important details that can help you understand and target your shoppers. You can utilize things like the types of places and websites they frequent, academic backgrounds, personal hobbies, and professional interests.

Deck Out Your Employees

Make certain that your employees are promoting your business through branded gear. Supply them with branded work clothing, totes, and tools. If they do not have branded name tags, seek out a corporate name tag supplier like Naag Tag Name Tags that can get you Company Name Tags in bulk.

Offer Samples and Freebies

Order employees to give customers, guests, vendors, and other business leaders branded items such as pens, note pads, key chains, or swag bags containing these items whenever possible. If you sell products, offer branded samples and other branded freebies through your website blog or a separate dedicated page. Giving away these items as part of a bigger purchase can also go a long way in getting your name out there.

Arrange Social Media Contests

Use the information provided by a marketing firm to target your audience through social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram, and Pinterest with contests that have branded prizes. To double your promotional activities during a contest, tell your followers that they need to share one of your posts to enter.

Partner with Other Businesses

Businesses outside of your industry that members of your audience use are a fantastic resource. Create promotional partnerships where you give your customers promotional items from these businesses and those partners share your promotional items with their customers.

High quality products and services lead to repeat business and word of mouth advertising, but promotional items in the hands of the right people reminds members of your target market that your business is the right one to meet their needs. Follow this advice as soon as possible to increase traffic, sales, and revenues.

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