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How to Help Your Child Plan Their Wedding

October 30, 2021

Your child’s wedding is one of the most important days of their life, and it is not uncommon to want to ensure their wedding day goes smoothly. In addition, your child may also look to you for guidance on how to plan their wedding. You can help your child plan their wedding by keeping the following tips in mind.

Set Realistic Goals

Work with your child and their partner to set realistic goals for their wedding. The last thing you want is for them to feel overwhelmed by too many plans. In fact, they may only want a simple ceremony rather than an over-the-top event. It is best to lay all the goals for the wedding on the table, so you can work together to figure out what goals are realistic and what may become overwhelming for everyone.

Hold An Upfront Discussion

If you are planning to financially help your child with their wedding, it is important to be upfront about your offers and expectations. You may work out a deal to pay half if someone else can pitch in for the other half of the costs, or maybe you are paying for most of the wedding with no strings attached. It is important to be upfront to avoid any surprises, awkwardness, or frustration from either side.

Remain Flexible With Plans

It is important for both parties to remain flexible with the wedding planning to avoid negative feelings. For example, you want to remember that your child and their partner may need to trim the guest list down to accommodate the venue. If multiple guests have allergies or dietary restrictions, your child may need to be flexible with the menu. You may find that compromising goes a long way when planning a wedding together.

Look Into Wedding Packages

It is easier to plan a wedding when you look into venues that offer various packages. For example, you could look speak with a company like Russo’s On The Bay to find a ballroom that aligns with your needs. Many packages include a luxurious space, a grand staircase, ambient LED lighting, and seating for events with large guest lists. You can also have the space rearranged to accommodate fewer guests for a small wedding. A wedding package is a great way to plan several aspects at once, and you may find a wedding package to be a more affordable solution.

When you take the time to help your child and their partner plan their wedding, you are taking the steps to ensure their special day goes smoothly.

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