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How To Improve The Efficiency Of Your Restaurant

January 30, 2016

A well-functioning and hospitable restaurant is one that operates efficiently and smoothly. Managing a restaurant well is no easy task, and it takes more effort, skill and care to manage and operate a restaurant well. When it comes to managing a restaurant well, it can be important to make sure the efficiency of the restaurant is at its peak. Taking care of the basics of functionality and makes it easier to focus on the important things like high quality, gourmet food and top notch customer service. Take a look at the tips we’ve collected below to make improving the efficiency of your restaurant more effective and easier.

Automate Your Processes

When it comes to saving time, energy and manpower, automating your processes in the kitchen can really help boost your productivity and efficiency. This especially applies if you’re producing a large volume or rapid output of a particular dish or product. For example, if you serve dinner rolls with every meal, it can be greatly beneficial to invest in a bun divider rounder to make the baking process more consistent, quick and simple. Installing equipment that improves efficiency and allows staff to focus on more energy intensive roles can not only improve your production rate and efficiency, but also result in a higher quality product.

Reinforce Roles

In order for a restaurant to run smoothly, each staff members roles and core jobs must be clearly defined and stated. This leaves no doubt when rush hour occurs and you need all hands on deck to manage your service. Not only do all jobs get done quickly and efficiently, but it also prevents staff morale and prevents arguments about who should do what. Kitchen staff can focus on the roles they need to perform in the kitchen, and wait staff can focus on customer services without any confusion or conflicting demands about each employees role. This helps your restaurant run much more efficiently, smoothly and peacefully.

Be Open To Input

As a restaurant owner and manager it can be very profitable and helpful to listen to input from employees in a way that helps to benefit the functioning of a restaurant. With the insight your staff get through the process of running the restaurant on the ground, they can offer you valuable information and ideas about how to improve the restaurant’s functioning that you may never have thought of. Keeping an open environment helps to collect the best feedback and input as well as ensuring employee satisfaction and a well functioning restaurant.

Streamline Procedures

Having clear procedures for the jobs in your restaurant helps to ensure consistent outcomes and the best results from your restaurant. Clear procedures help to promote the best level of efficiency as they allow every member of staff to know how each job should be done. If one of your staff members is away for example, another worker can step in and do their job without a significant loss of quality of efficiency. Having a pattern and process to following also helps your restaurant to function more smoothly and effectively, with everyone working together to achieve the same outcome. Procedures and processes in both the kitchen and the dining area can help improve the quality of food served as well as the customer service experience.

Improve Customer Experience

When it comes to running a restaurant, it all comes down to what the customer experiences, and this ties together all the steps towards efficiency. Customers should be greeted in a timely manner and seated at a table consistently. Orders taken and delivered accurately and speedily. And the quality of food should be consistent from visit to visit. By making the customer the centre of your operation you have something to work towards, and this helps to tie together all the aspects of your efficient procedures.

By considering and implementing the steps listed here, you can have a more productive, efficient and successful restaurant the you, your employees and your customers will love.

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