How To Keep Up With The News That’s Relevant To You On The Move

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May 8, 2018

It wasn’t so long ago that keeping up with the news meant being sat in front of the television at 6 pm for the evening bulletin or subscribing to the local newspaper that came through your door every morning.

Technology now means that we live in the era of 24/7 news and keeping up with it has never been easier or more important – especially if you are involved in a business or have investments that can rise or fall based on reacting to what is happening out there in the world.

With so much news available to us, how do we sift through it all to make sure we are hearing what is relevant to us? Here are four ways to keep up with relevant news on the move.

Specialist News Websites

Gone are the days when if you wanted the latest news from the world of science, sports or medicine you’d have to subscribe to a specialist paper that came out weekly or even monthly. Now, every development from the industry you are in can be found within minutes on specialist news websites. Some such as Apexbeats.Com even combine several specialties such as business, health and science and technology in one to save you having to browse multiple locations.

RSS Readers

The obituary may have been written for RSS readers some time ago, but that doesn’t mean you should be writing them off as they are still a useful tool for getting the news items that you want to read quickly and easily – hey, some experts even reckon that RSS feeds could make a comeback in 2018. You simply download an RSS reader, then whenever you come across a website who supplies news relevant to you, add them to it via the white and orange RSS symbol. Every time you open your reader, it will then show up every new article from the sites you’ve added to your RSS feed in one place, saving you the time and effort of going onto each news site individually to see if there is anything new on there.

Google Alerts

Google alerts work in a similar sort of way to an RSS feed but instead of downloading a reader, you’ll be emailed every time the search engine comes across a new article about the subject you’ve selected to be notified about. This is great if you want news updates about FOREX or the stock market as essentially, the search engine is trawling the internet for you and then letting you know when something new and relevant appears, leaving you one email and one click away from being kept up to date.

Social Media

Originally, sites such as Facebook and Twitter were designed for people to keep up to date with what was going on with their friends and families lives. Now, they are about spreading the news as much as anything. Like or follow some trusted websites from your industry and each time they post a new article, you’ll see it in your news feed when they share it on social media.

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