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How To Keep Your Baby Safe At Bath Time

October 8, 2015

Your baby’s bath time can be a fun and relaxing part of your routine. But it can also be stressful if you’re unsure about how to make bath time safer for your baby. Take the worry out of bath time with these tips for keeping your baby safe.

Lower Water Heater Temperature

The biggest concern of most parents regarding baby bath times is the water’s temperature. Your baby’s delicate skin is more sensitive to hot water. As such, you must take care to fill the bath with water that isn’t too hot. Start by lowering your water heater’s temperature to the recommended 120 degrees F, reducing the risk of accidental burns.

You should also always test the bath water before placing the baby in it. You can check the water by touching your wrist to the surface. If it feels too hot to your wrist’s skin, add cold water until you reach a safe temperature.

Stay with your Baby

The best way to keep your baby safe during bath time is to stay close, always. Leaving your baby’s side for just a few seconds can be dangerous. Staying at the baby’s side ensures you can keep the infant propped up at a safe level and will avoid other dangers. Avoid needing to leave your baby’s side during bath time by ensuring you have all of the required gear such as a washcloth, towel and soap within reach.

Buy the Right Gear

Be sure that you have the right bath gear on hand for each stage of infancy. For example, an infant tub is a necessity for the first several months. When you transition the infant to the average bathtub, you may want to place adhesive grippers on the bottom of the tub to reduce slippage. Introduce bath toys at an appropriate age to avoid choking.

Prevent Falls

Never allow your baby to stand on the floor with wet feet. Instead, place a bath mat or extra towel near the tub. Also, the infant should never stand up in the tub. Instead, create a household rule of sitting down in the bathtub. Lift the baby out of the tub by first wrapping the infant in a towel. This will avoid the baby’s wet skin from slipping out of your grasp.

Use Natural Products

According to Bathing Your Baby: Head to Toe Clean, some infants are sensitive to the dyes and scents that are included in many popular bathing products. Keep your baby safe from skin rashes, dry skin and other problems by using natural products. These products should also contain ingredients that naturally provide moisture for your baby’s skin.

Take the worry out of your baby’s bath time. Keep your baby safe and make bath time fun by buying the right bath gear, investing in quality bathing products, by setting your water heater’s temperature and more.

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