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How To Keep Your Business Vehicles Maintained and Long-Lasting

August 10, 2020

For businesses that own a fleet of vehicles or even just several cars for delivery or customer service needs, ensuring they are properly maintained is vital. Like all vehicles, fleet vehicles require regular maintenance and upkeep. However, unlike personal vehicles, certain vehicle maintenance items cannot be more delayed without potential concerns over performance and safety. Vehicles used for businesses often see higher mileage use than private cars, and therefore proper care becomes key to ensuring their longevity.

Critical Vehicle Upkeep and Maintenance

There are several vital vehicle maintenance tasks that affect a vehicle’s value, longevity, and performance. The care and upkeep of the engine and mechanical systems, as well as the care of the exterior and the interior, plays a vital role in vehicle care.

Of all the maintenance concerns for a vehicle, keeping up with necessary tire changes, oil changes, fluid levels, tune-ups, and brake repairs are essential tasks to ensure longevity, safety, and vehicle performance.

Oil changes should be completed every 5,000-6,000 miles for vehicles with extensive usage. Brake repairs are typically completed every 20,000 to 25,000 miles, depending on how much inner-city driving is being done. Vehicles used for inner-city driving can go through brake pads faster because of the continuous stop and go driving that occurs. Vehicles that are primarily used for highway driving will usually require less frequent brake pad changes and brake work.

Interior and Exterior Protection and Maintenance

When it comes to maintaining the interior and frame of the car, there are a few vital tasks to be concerned with as well. One of the biggest concerns with the exterior is protecting it against metal damage, including rust formation. Regular car washes with wax seal coatings can play a vital role in protecting the vehicle exterior and the frame against rust formation.

When it comes to protecting and maintaining the interior of the vehicle, having vinyl car mats to protect against the elements, including sand and dirt build-ups, can protect the vehicle’s carpets and the metal frame underneath. Having a car detailed for the interior to include upholstery cleaning with upholstery guard sealants can be especially important to protect the upholstery and the carpets against damage by spills, dirt, and sun damage.

Doing all of these simple tasks can ensure commercial vehicles have greater longevity, safety, and vehicle performance. This will also ensure these vehicles retain a higher value as a company asset and for resale value when it’s time for a trade-in.

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