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How to Keep Your Cabin Safe From Pest Infestation

June 3, 2021

Because of the way cabins are, the concept of keeping it free from rodents and pests can prove to be tricky to say the least. This is because a typical cabin features various crannies and nooks which enable pests to get in places they shouldn’t be able to get in. Additionally, because of the fact that cabins are usually located in remote areas, they operate as a magnet for pests that desire a source for food, warmth and light. Fortunately, by using these tips you can easily keep your cabin free of pests.

Seal It Up

As mentioned before, cabins naturally feature gaps, cracks and other tiny entry points that pests can use to invade a cabin. Therefore, the first and most effective thing you can do is to check your cabin from its roof to its foundation when it comes to spotting any holes that a pest could use to come inside. However, the concept of doing this may prove to be too much for the standard cabin owner, so consider getting a professional inspection for this specific purpose.

Keep Vicinity Clean

Most cabin owners store things within close proximity of the cabin such as tools and firewood. But, storing things outside the cabin such as firewood, can attract critters that feed on firewood. Therefore, ensure that the immediate vicinity around your cabin is clear.

Common Pest Control Tips

Chances are that your cabin is in a remote location. As such, you may encounter multiple types of different pests. Here’s some tips to consider when it comes to encountering the most common types of pest you may face:

  • Ladybugs, Box Elder Bugs and Cluster Flies – Check the caulking around your windows and reapply as needed.
  • Spiders – Consider using an indoor spider pesticide.
  • Larder Beetles – Larder beetles aren’t a problem per se but they indicate that someone has died inside your cabin.
  • Mice – Peppermint contains concentrated methanol that aggravate their nasal cavities.

Seal Food

Sometimes, one of the most effective pest control things you can do is to remove all food sources to make your cabin less appealing. If you have a habit of leaving food in your cabin, stop. This can prove to be especially troublesome when it comes to attracting pests. Therefore, ensure that you pack up all food items when you leave the cabin as well as to use re-sealable food containers when you stay at the cabin.

Trim or Remove Trees

Carpenter ants and raccoons tend to use trees as an entry point to invade cabins. Additionally, carpenter ants tend to look for sources of moisture. Therefore, ensure that you trim trees and remove any branches which extend over your roof. Additionally, check for leaks in the floor, decks, roof and gutter.

One of the most effective things you can do to keep pests out is to sprinkle boric acid around your cabin. Boric acid can actually help to destroy an entire ant colony. Besides the fact that boric acid is toxic, when ants walk on it, it sticks to their legs and bodies, as to which they bring back to their colon

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