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How To Leverage Facebook With Text Message Marketing

October 27, 2015

It seems like there are a gazillion ways to use Facebook to promote your brand. Whether you’re collecting “likes,” penning tantalizing posts about your latest products, using Facebook ads to gain new customers, or running a contest requiring “shares,” this social platform is an efficient way to meet the masses.

But, did you know that Facebook can also dramatically grow your text message marketing opt-in list, increasing your campaign’s effectiveness and driving conversions?

Yes, by employing a few tricks of the Facebook trade, you can increase the number of people following your SMS campaign and boost your sales.

Do the Obvious

The simplest and most obvious way to use Facebook to drum up opt-ins is to include a sign-up application on your Facebook page. This way, anyone who visits your page will have the option of opting-in presented to them in a clear and free manner. After all, nothing’s easier than simply pressing a button and signing up.

Use Facebook Ads

When compared to many other forms of advertising, Facebook ads are much more affordable. Furthermore, the very nature of a social media advertisement allows the potential customer to take action immediately without ever leaving their device. Plus, as “Get Social: How Facebook Can Help Boost Your Text Marketing Efforts” adds, by setting a budget and targeting a particular audience using Facebook ads, you will reach people beyond your followers and attract more people to your SMS marketing campaign and your business.

Be A Shrewd Gifter

Giving away stuff is sure to draw attention, but not always loyal customers. If you sell furnaces and offer up a free iPad, you will likely attract a great deal of interest from a broad cross-section of people–but many of them will not be in the market for a furnace anytime soon. As “How to Build a Thriving Email List Using Facebook” advises, if you want to attract the right subscribers–people who are prepared to pay you for your services or products in the long run–you need to create a freebie that is in line with your paid offer.

Obviously, receiving the freebie must be contingent on opting into your text message marketing campaign, but many businesses also require the customer to make some purchase as well. For instance, “Pizza Hut’s Text Message Campaign Leverages Facebook to Grow SMS Subscribers” cites an offer released by Pizza Hut inviting their Facebook followers to sign up for their SMS marketing campaign in exchange for free cheese sticks with their next online order. Not only did Pizza Hut garner new opt-ins, but they also received an order with each redemption. And, once their customer bites into their product, they will be back for more.

Post With Purpose

Another simple way to garner new subscribers is to include some calls to action in your Facebook posts. Be creative. Use teasers. Offer contests. And always remember to include a link to opt-in to your text message marketing campaign.

Using Facebook to bolster your text message marketing campaign by attracting new opt-ins is easier than you may think. Check out what others are doing and customize it to your own business. Come up with imaginative ways to catch the public’s eye. And have fun. If you’re enjoying yourself, your followers will too.

What are some of the cleverest Facebook marketing campaigns you have encountered?

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