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How To Make A Law

September 1, 2015

If you feel like a new law must be introduced in order to maintain a lawful society that exists in peace and harmony, there is a procedure you must follow. It may vary from country to country or region to region but the gist remains the same. This procedure will familiarize you with the proper method of formalizing and distinctly introducing a new rule in the field of communal law. In order to be taken seriously with a new rule, here is what you are required to do:

  1. You are required to come up with a proper proposal for the law issuing body. This proposal should be all encapsulating and should include all the elements that you are concerned about. A well-written proposal signifies that your concern is not based on whims and fancies but is based on research. Only then does the issuing body see the matter in light of seriousness and concern.
  2. Once your proposal has been issued, the next step is to wait for them to call you out. This almost always takes a lot of time and will require you to be patient. There are many departments that are responsible for going over the written proposal. Some make amendments by adding or removing clauses that they feel may or may not work.
  3. Once they proposal has been approved by all the departments, they are passed on and a bill is prepared. The bill is the formal way of declaring the new law. It might also include a court hearing in which the law advisor will have to defend the new law. They will be required to provide reasons and arguments that ensure that the requirement of each particular law is indeed necessary.
  4. Once that has been completed, the new law is passed as a formal law counterpart. It is introduced all through the state to ensure everyone is made familiar with the new law. This way its proper implementation can be conducted.
  5. Sometimes if the law has something to do with traffic, or being under influence, a punishment also has to be introduced. This is why the laws are passed through various departments to ensure there are no loopholes left.

With all of the above, the new law is passed in a formal and proper way. It is introduced and law enforcers are briefed to ensure they know the new regulations in the most diligent manner possible.

Not everyone can come up with a new law and expect it to be enforced immediately or in a proper manner. You have to be in a certain position before you can come up with a proper law. You must also ensure that the new law you wish to be enforced is absolutely legit. If it does not have credibility, it means that it will be ignored and rejected by the very first law issuing authority. As a result of this, every community and society can be kept in harmony and its decorum can be maintained at all the times.

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