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How To Make Your Brand Stand Out From The Competition With Flip-books

October 26, 2015

Today, there is one tool that seems to escape notice as being a prime mover of sales, marketing, and marketing presentations: the digital flip-book. As yet unexplored as a means to let your efforts stand out above your competition, in particular e-commerce web sites, our article below covers some aspects of this really virgin territory in online marketing.

What Is a Digital Flip-book?

Having been introduced to most children and adults in the late 19th century, flip-books really came to be known in the 1920s through the efforts of the master animator, Walt Disney. His star attraction being a small mouse who wore white gloves and with whom we are all well acquainted.
Several pieces of paper attached together, being rapidly flipped one after another, produce one dynamic story when they have a different illustration on each page.
This process could take forever to assemble, but with today’s Portable Digital Format (PDF) files, the effort is put together in virtually moments.

Flip-books In Today’s e-Commerce Environment

Branding is the buzz word in online marketing today. Making your brand stand out above the others is the challenge and when done correctly, a real money-maker.
It can be a daunting experience to come to a sometimes hard to navigate e-commerce site, and research a product or service offered. It can get even more complicated when the related product or service description is finally found, but you still have to try to find the shopping cart. By the time a frustrated customer or client comes to and leaves the site, they may not want to come back for more.

In contrast, a digital flip-book, strategically placed on a web site can answer all of the customer’s questions in a more uncomplicated style. Structured to give an illusion that the person is actually turning the pages of a paper magazine, one extra nice feature is being able to download coupons right from the flip-book. Moreover, with one swipe of a touch screen or a click of a mouse, the person can get every bit of information needed within moments and all from one spot! So whether you are looking for Target coupons at or trying to find a good deal on specific brand, a site’s flip-book can help navigate you to the right place.

An Ultimate Branding Tool For Much Less Cost

An entrepreneur using a simple PDF to flip-book conversion process may even opt to have their product or service sold from their flip-book, downloaded by customers, and then pass their branded flip-book to others so they can in turn put it on their respective web sites and re-sell it.

Although some web sites are now beginning to use the flip-book as a digital feature, it still escapes notice as being viable as far as branding is concerned. Once its experience is enjoyed by more customers, there’s no telling how far this branding object may go in online marketing.

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