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How To Make Your House A Work Of Art Through Luxury Flooring?

October 28, 2015

If you want quality flooring, are willing to spend for it, and want your house to reflect a truly decadent look, then luxury flooring is the way to go. The world of flooring has seen an explosion in the range of sizes, shapes, materials and patterns available to appeal to even the most discriminating of home decorators. From hardwood floors to mosaics, these flooring options can transform your house into a work of art. Here are some options for you to consider while remodeling:

  1. Natural Stone Flooring

As luxury items go this takes the cake. The choice of material for palaces, natural stone flooring is a delight to the senses and indulgences your inner opulent style. Natural stone is expensive because of the cost of acquiring the material which is through quarrying. The prices vary according to the density of the stone – higher density stones would have much more vibrant colors and patterns. Marble is one of the most accessible natural stone flooring options available and comes in all kinds of sizes and qualities to suit your budget.

  1. Mosaic Tiles

Let your imagination run rampant with creative and inspirational mosaic and ceramic tile designs. There is no limit to the patterns, designs and color combinations you can use. The ultimate in style and sophistication – this kind of flooring appeals to everyone and can add a special spark to any living space. Mosaic patterns are also one of the best ways to remodel bathrooms of any size. Busy patterns may make a space look smaller if on the walls but on the floor they only add beauty and grace.

  1. Hardwood Flooring

It is a safe and stable option for adding warmth to your home. Any number of choices is available from solid wood planks to luxury vinyl leaving you free to choose according to your budget, area and the utility of the room where the flooring is to be placed. For a truly rare and unusual look, go for exotic wood flooring. You can choose from newly treated lumber to reclaimed wood with the latter likely to be less costly.

  1. Ceramic and Porcelain tiles

Tile flooring will never go out of fashion thanks to the easy accessibility and the relatively higher ability to change whenever you want to upgrade and go for something else. These tiles can mimic the look of anything from marble to wood and without the added expense of the former and the higher maintenance of the latter. For example, if you have wood paneled walls and want the flooring to complement it, you can try wood-like tiles from Gohaus ( they have a plenty of great options ) which will give you the same warm, rustic look as a hardwood floor without the cleaning and durability concerns.

There you have it; a few flooring options to choose from. For more interesting tips on luxury flooring, stay tuned!

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