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How To Meditate

June 7, 2016

“Calmness is the ideal state in which we should receive all life’s experiences,” – Paramahansa Yogananda

Meditation for a very long time has been known to have aided millions across the globe. Right from mental state of minds to physical needs, even psychological and life threatening illnesses too have been done away using the right form of meditation. However, as a beginner, you would need to know the right way to meditate. Hence, we would like to share with you a few tips on how to meditate the right way. Please read on and be well informed for the same.

Tips on how to get started

Choose the right place for meditation

You should have a place, quiet and calm to help you achieve peace and stillness while meditating. This could be your own private bedroom, your living room (with no one around), a garden, an altar or even your study. The place needs to be comfortable for you to bring in good energies; it should be peaceful. If you want, you can get the area furnished with icons and objects that have deep spiritual belonging for you. The Mise-en-scène around should put you into a contemplative mode and mood. If you wish to, you could have soft and soothing music playing while you close your eyes and bring the awareness onto your breath. This would help you visualise and imagine and help the mind to focus on the breaths you take.

Sitting posture

Popular notion is that most of us would sit cross-legged and meditate. However, you should sit in a posture that is most comfortable to you. Meditation can happen at any time and in any given place, we know of many who meditate while doing daily chores or even driving around too.

Closed eyes or open

Most would like to know if the eyes need to be closed or open, the answer is aim not to fall of to sleep when eyes are closed. Eyes when open would keep the senses alert and open too, but if you feel you are more relaxed with the eyes closed, go right ahead and relax the senses. However, don’t be too harsh with the closing of your eyes, the experience of doing so should be easy-going and with all your consciousness, without focusing on anything at all, except your breath.

Duration of meditation

Most say 30 minutes twice a day, however, it isn’t how long you can meditate because this is not a competition. Meditation is how well you can bring, with practice, the understanding of your consciousness into the present time and space. The main aim is to connect with the divine in you, your heart and soul. When you start out as a beginner, engage in short sessions, which shouldn’t be more than five minutes, take a break after that for a minute, and then if you feel like go ahead and do another five minutes again.

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