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How To Navigate Your Data Center Upgrade

October 14, 2015

The need to upgrade your data center is typically a sign of good things for the company. This likely means that your company is growing and as a result this also means an increase in customers, profitiability, hiring of new employee’s and the need for more office space. And with that, more than ever, to be dependable and effecient every time. A data center that needs an upgrade, yet is put off can end up making your company appear less than reliable eventually.

Signs that it is time for a Data Center’s Migration include

  • space constraints
  • problems cooling or circulating air
  • lack of the all important reliable back up systems
  • If your data center has become slower
  • less reliable, or more difficult to keep organized

Upgrading can simplify your company. Putting off a needed migration or upgrade can end up costing your company time, money, and valuable information.

Once you have determine that it is time to upgrade your existing data center, the next step is deciding the safest most effective way to go about the data center migration. The ultimate goal will be to convert your servers safely, with no or few interruptions in service.

Three Things to Consider for your Data Center Migration

Upgrading more than space but also other elements is a good idea, and there are many options available to make sure that your company’s new data center is both safe and high-tech.

  1. Cooling Options: There are many cooling options that a new data center can upgrade to. And upgrading the cooling is going to be one of the most important steps because the increased load is going to need additional cooling to store the increase in information. There are cooling systems that deliver refrigerant right to the rack, and of course the server fans are still an option. Individual row cooling systems, all over room cooling systems, and every option in between can be configured to cool the system.
  2. Racking Options: Upgrading data center racks is a natural progression, however choosing the right system can seem daunting. The choice between closed, open frame, caged, or another type of rack should be made after consulting the tech specialists and discussing the specific needs of your company.
  3. Location of the Data Center Within the Building: When upgrading the data center, it may be a good idea to consider moving floors, location on a floor, or the center higher up off the ground. This may be a smart move when it comes to choosing the location of the upgraded data center because of environmental elements that could effect the data center during tough times. For example, a data center on the ground floor may benefit from either being placed up on a platform, or on a higher floor in case of a flood.

Data center migration for any reason, is a thoughtful process that even the experts do in steps. Each part of the project must be considered each step of the way. The professionals who do it daily know all of the ins and outs of upgrading and can make it seem simpler than it is.

Katrina  is a leader in the IT industry custom solution and innovative ideas as a product specialist for Rack Solutions.

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