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How to Optimize Your Dental Practice for Families

December 16, 2019

General dentistry has been around for a long time to handle mainstream dental needs, such as exams, x-rays, and cavity fillings. However, with the development of specialty dental practices, people can locate a dentist’s office that offers services specific to their needs, such as cosmetic needs, jaw alignment, elderly dental care, and care for disabled and chronically ill patients. However, instead of specializing, many dentists prefer to offer services targeted to family needs. If you plan to optimize your dental practice for a full range of family services, here are a few tips to meet various family members’ needs.

Pediatric Dentistry

Since most families have children, you will want to include child-oriented services in your dental practice. Pediatric tools and techniques customized for children’s exams, x-rays, and procedures help to make kids comfortable during dental visits. Waiting rooms with fun activities like fish tanks, books, and children’s videos promote a child-friendly environment.

Specialized Referrals

Dental patients of all ages may benefit from referrals to experts in related fields. Orthodontic and periodontal specialists, as well as oral surgeons, are among the most commonly-referred services, and patients of all ages may need and appreciate your office recommending experts to handle dental issues that are not typically covered in a regular dentist’s office. Your dental practice can thus become the hub of many kinds of services, which will position you as a dental leader and resource.

Cosmetic Procedures

Adults of all ages are often interested in cosmetic procedures that a dental practice can provide rather than doing them at home on their own. Teeth whitening, custom-made veneers, and minor dental repairs like chipped teeth are among the common services sought by many family members for various reasons, often to boost confidence, while some may want them to enhance dental function for eating and speaking.  Many dental providers, such as the Smile Architects, advertise specifically for cosmetic dentistry, among other offerings.

Geriatric Services

Older adults typically struggle with issues like receding gums, loosening teeth, and sensitive mouth tissue due to aging. The ability to treat these conditions will expand the services of your dental practice to encompass the extended family. In addition, relatives with a chronic illness like cancer or diabetes may require specialized dental treatment. If your dental practice can provide it, you have a good chance of increasing your patient base by treating extended families.

Adjustments to your facilities, services, and techniques can help to broaden your patient base by caring for the dental needs of extended families. Consider making adjustments to address dental issues of various family members.

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