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How to Prevent Breakdowns In Your Manufacturing Plant

November 19, 2020

Breakdowns are bound to occur in a manufacturing or IT company. However, downtimes that can be restored by upgrading the existing infrastructure or carrying out maintenance can be less harmful than those that happen unexpectedly. The latter can cause massive loss or result in the collapse of a manufacturing plant. The leading causes of downtimes in manufacturing plants are broken software and hardware, negligence, and operational errors. But the harm that occurs due to breakdowns can be alleviated by taking these several steps.

Assess Your Equipment

Equipment assessment has never been a fun activity, but it has to be done for the overall performance of a processing plant. It is a proven and effective way to prevent or eliminate breakdowns that were likely to occur. Risk audits can help spot obsolete machines that are difficult to find spare parts for. Devices that are 10 or 20 years old can have many severe consequences, including compromised quality, safety risks, and prolonged downtime due to scarcity of spare parts. However, risk audits can help spot potential mechanical problems so that you don’t panic when downtimes occur.

Train Your Workers

Hardware error is the leading cause of downtime in manufacturing companies. However, operational errors can equally hurt the efficiency and productivity of plant equipment. Fortunately, operational errors can be minimized by training workers to detect signs of a breakdown before it occurs. Reduced operational errors result in high efficiency and production and reduced downtimes.

Back-Up Your Software

Nothing can be more costly than when a staff accidentally erased a software that runs a machine. It could even get worse if the software developer is no longer available to offer support. Such a minor error can cause a nightmare and delay production for weeks. However, backing up your software regularly can ensure minimal downtimes and give you peace of mind.

Service Your Equipment Regularly

Machines are like an automobile or motorbike in that they have to be maintained regularly. Scheduling regular checkups with your liquid ring vacuum pumps supplier can help avoid or reduce possible breakdowns and increase productivity, efficiency, and safety of your plant equipment. Unfortunately, some manufacturing companies still disregard the importance of regular equipment maintenance. They continue using their equipment without lubricating them or performing routine maintenance, a mistake that can result in costly sudden breakdowns.

Manufacturing firms can prevent equipment breakdowns in various ways, including regular maintenance, risk audits, software back-ups, and employee training. However, no downtime prevention measure can be effective unless a dedicated and disciplined team backs it.

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